Federal court hands out another insult to veterans, but this one is DANGEROUS

It’s bad enough that we’re not caring for our veterans, but the Ninth Circuit Court, out of northern California, just added to the disrespect heaped on our veterans, our military. This court ruled that the Stolen Valor Act was unconstitutional, that it violated the First Amendment right of citizens.

What about the violation of the respect and regard of the service, sacrifice, and commitment of our men and women who actually did take the oath to serve? What does this say to those of us who were willing to give that last full measure of devotion? It appears this court has no regard for what has been earned — hell, it’s just adult Halloween I suppose.

Remember the famous case of one California elected official, Xavier Alvarez, who claimed to have been the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor? Some say it’s no big deal, but tell that to those who were willing to go above and beyond the call of duty and truly earned the recognition of the Medal of Honor.

This just follows along with the liberal progressive mentality of “every kid gets a trophy.” So what if you didn’t find the courage and conviction to serve your country in uniform? You are now free to go out, buy a uniform, and play make believe with all the accouterments.

I knew this was coming – after all, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal who claimed he’d served in Vietnam. When he was challenged he then responded with the lame excuse that he made a mistake and thought he HAD served there. How in St. Peter’s name do you make a mistake about serving in Vietnam? Well, based on the ruling of the ninth court, no big deal, you can award yourself a Silver Star because, well, you just feel like it and they’re sold on eBay.

There’s also a security concern with this ruling. Previously this was a federal law, a good deterrent. But in this age of domestic Islamic terrorism, what would prevent someone from donning a military uniform with full regalia — unearned of course — making a fake ID and gaining access to a military installation? I know, that could never happen — well, Nidal Hasan proved it could happen — and planes don’t fly into buildings either.

This is what’s going to happen. Since we have a couple of unelected black-robed justices legislating from the bench, veterans are going to police this up, their way.

I wouldn’t want to be the chucklehead who decides to test this out and go around a bunch of veterans. I can just imagine what happens to someone who perpetrates a fraud in order to gain some advantage by wearing a military uniform, awards, and decorations. There may just be an ol’ school woodshed awaiting the person who tries to get away with this. So what happens to the person found out by some vets to be wearing awards and decorations as a freedom of expression right? Some vet may just freely express his right to whack them — and then guess what, the veteran, the real one, will have charges brought against him.

This is our new America, the fundamentally transformed one. You see, it’s fine as a freedom of expression to burn the American flag. It’s fine as a freedom of expression to masquerade as the people who support and defend the honor of the American flag. And it’s perfectly acceptable to be a part of an administrative bureaucracy that allows our veterans to be placed on waiting lists and die, with the same flag draped over their coffin.

The Ninth Circuit Court got this wrong, and I would expect our Veterans Service Organizations and professional military organizations to take this issue up. We who have served in combat to defend this nation are the REAL one-percenters. And we are damn tired of the disrespect being heaved upon us. Gotta tell ya, the first time I meet someone wearing some U.S. Army Master Parachutist wings as a decorative item… well, I recommend that not happening. Nope, I am not threatening anyone, just asking you to have some respect — if you didn’t earn it. But public embarrassment is part of my freedom to express that you’re jackass.

Court Rules Stolen Valor Law Unconstitutional

In a 2-1 decision, an appeals court panel in California ruled that the Stolen Valor Act violated Xavier Alvarez’s free-speech rights after he was indicted for lying about his service in the Marines. Watch the debate and let us know where you stand.

Posted by Fox News on Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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