Whoa: CIA director just called out Obama in LARGE way

In full disclosure, I wrote this last night before the State of the Union address. I guessed then and I was right – none of this was addressed by Obama in his speech.

Last week we shared how horrific January 2016 began in its first week. Week two doesn’t look much better.

President Obama tried to present a world of rainbows and unicorns in his final State of the Union address, but that’s about as real as the Land of Oz. Barack Obama and his minions can attempt to create an alternative universe in which they live, but the truth is evident.

As we head into Obama’s final year, the Nobel Peace Prize winner has done nothing but foment chaos and unrest. The group that reconstituted itself from the defeated al-Qaida in Iraq — you know, the jayvee team, ISIS — has been busy in the last 48 to 72 hours. ISIS has claimed responsibility for a series of Islamic jihadist suicide attacks in Baghdad, a place that was pacified before Obama took office, and in Istanbul. The attack in Istanbul was carried out by a Syrian national supporter of ISIS and resulted in the deaths of some 8 German tourists.

And speaking of Germany, and Europe as a whole, we’re learning more about the barbaric sexual assaults and rapes that have been occurring at the hands of — well, let’s be honest — military-age Muslim male migrants. I don’t think we should refer to them as refugees anymore — they are invaders. And the people of Europe are learning their own media and police were keeping the information about these attacks suppressed so the ideological agenda of the leftist progressives who wanted to fulfill an agenda wouldn’t be upended. The Trojan horse is alive and well.

But back to ISIS…Despite the fact that Obama said last night, “Masses of fighters on the back of pickup trucks and twisted souls plotting in apartments or garages…do not threaten our national existence,” Obama’s former Deputy and acting CIA Director Mike Morrell stated Tuesday before a House Armed Services Committee hearing, “I believe ISIS poses a significant strategic and lethal threat to the United States of America…”Today, we face an additional threat from ISIS – a direct threat – an ISIS capability to plan and direct attacks in the homeland from the group’s safe haven in Iraq and Syria. Just like the group did in Paris in November.”

And Morrell also contradicted Obama’s whole assertion that ISIS is losing strength and is being contained. “The Islamic State’s web of affiliates is growing faster than Al Qaeda’s ever did, a former top CIA official told Congress on Tuesday – on the heels of yet another attack blamed on ISIS. Michael Morell, President Obama’s former deputy and acting CIA director, issued the warning in testimony to the House Armed Services Committee. He said the number of militant groups now swearing allegiance to ISIS has grown to cover nearly 20 countries, from practically “nothing” a year ago.“ISIS has gained affiliates faster than al-Qaida ever did,” Morell said.”

And just to add icing upon a very bad cake, there are reports that ISIS is experimenting with chemical weapons — but please, don’t tell Obama, as we don’t need another “red line.”

Ah, but it’s not just ISIS getting the action, China is joining in as well. As reported by The Week, “Africa is likely to become one of the biggest stories of 2016, and not because of some horrific new disease or harrowing new war. Instead, an unprecedented new dynamic is about to shape the continent. The U.S. and China, major powers with a minor footprint, are both poised for much deeper and more direct involvement in African affairs.

And rather than finding themselves on a crash course, they’re facing a more complex — and, for America, unnerving — situation. Thanks to the much different challenges and priorities facing both powers, African intervention is shaping up as a feast for China and a famine for the U.S. Look to Djibouti for big clues about why. News is quietly breaking that China has sealed a deal to build its first military base in that little country, a former French colony strategically located across from Yemen on the Red Sea, squeezed between Eritrea and Somalia.”

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know we recently announced we’re pulling out of Djibouti. Looks like another vacuum has been filled by someone else – I’m starting to believe we should refer to President Obama as “Mr. Hoover.”

And of course we all know about the Iranian detainment of ten US Navy Sailors and two riverine assault boats. Now, you know this is a big-time provocative action by the Iranians, which have increased since the insidious nuclear agreement — which Obama refuses to negate. How did it happen that two of these fast watercraft got seized by the Iranians? I don’t buy the line of these Sailors getting lost. And if this was an engine malfunction, then why did we deploy equipment into the theater that was not 100 percent mission ready — remember the USS Harry Truman CVBG just arrived into the Persian Gulf. This is just another embarrassment at the hands of the Iranians who’ve shot off ballistic missiles, fired missiles near our ships, and now detained our Sailors. And now we have to endure the humiliating propaganda parade the Iranians are putting on in defiance of the Geneva Convention – as if that’s a surprise.

Now, here is the kicker: what were the rules of engagement for these water craft and Sailors? Just sit there and allow the Iranians to seize and detain? Sure doesn’t remind me of the U.S. Navy of John Paul Jones or that of Stephen Decatur in the Barbary Wars.

Ladies and gents, the “State of our Union?” Weak…and we’re only on day 13.


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