Ouch: Hillary will NOT want to see this latest poll

Benghazi. Emailgate. An FBI investigation.

The list of scandals goes on…. And on. We’ve been waiting for those scandals to catch up with her in the polls, and it looks like that has finally happened.

We all want to rally our support behind the candidate who can beat Hillary in the general election, so according to a new poll by FOX, it doesn’t matter who you support. As Legal Insurrection reported:

The newest national poll is from Fox, based on phone interviews that were conducted from Jan 4-7 and featuring 1006 registered voters, the vast majority of whom said they intend to vote. For Republican respondents the margin of error was 5%, which is rather large. For the entire survey, the margin of error was 3%, which is more typical but still worthy of note when the figures are close.

It’s very interesting to see what’s happening with the projected head-to-head battles of some of the Republican leaders against Hillary Clinton. Mostly the results seem to preserve the patterns each candidate has already established for quite some time, with Rubio doing the best of all (a +9 lead, more than he’s had before). Cruz is next with a +7 lead (also bigger than he had before), and Trump has a +3 lead.

As usual in national polls, Trump is doing worse against Hillary than the other two, but I believe this is the first time he’s ever led Hillary, so that’s a change for the better for Trump.

Unfortunately the pollsters didn’t ask about Christie (although Christie has led Hillary in earlier national polls), nor did they ask about Carson (same). So, why was there a question about Jeb Bush? At any rate, Bush is doing the worst of those the pollsters did ask about: he’s tied with Hillary.

So bad are things for Hillary that people would prefer another Bush over another Clinton. If low energy can take down the Democratic frontrunner, maybe one economist’s recent prediction that Republicans will win over 47 states isn’t so crazy after all.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]

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