What Obama is planning for the State of the Union is an INSULT to our military

This Tuesday evening President Barack Obama will deliver his final State of the Union (SOTU) address. Now I know what some of you are thinking, but there’s a bigger point to be analyzed.

As I was doing my reading, I came across the “theatrics” Obama will use to set the stage for his theme. Needless to say, I doubt this final SOTU will address how much the debt has grown, how much health insurance premiums have risen, how much we’ve degraded our military, how much Islamic terrorism has increased globally and domestically, or how many more Americans have been dropped out of the workforce, now in poverty, and living on food stamps. I don’t presume we’ll hear anything about how artificial our economy truly is, as reflected by the horrible response on Wall Street in the first week of 2016. We’ll hear nothing about how the increased level of taxation, regulation and bureaucratic administrative state rules have had an adverse effect on businesses, resulting in an anemic annualized GDP.

Nope, we’ll hear about climate change and perhaps foolishly about a nuclear agreement with Iran. But the planned theatrics of Tuesday night will be rather telling.

The White House has released that President Obama will have an empty chair in the House of Representatives gallery reflecting the victims of “gun violence.” How utterly and blatantly disgusting, yet par for the course of an administration which over the past seven years has been more concerned with style, optics, and deception than substance.

President Obama’s response since the largest Islamic terror attack on American soil since 9-11, in San Bernardino, has been to distract the American people from his failures — and focus on his, and the progressive left’s, ideological agenda of gun control.

We detailed here the horrific events of last week, the first week of the year, and that Obama focused on crying about unconstitutional and irrelevant gun control executive actions. During his gun control town hall meeting on CNN when confronted by a rape victim, he was dismissive of her asking him a question on why he would want to curtail her right to protect herself. Obama proved to be disrespectful and concerned because her plight was not in keeping with his agenda.

So perhaps instead of an empty chair for victims of gun violence — which in many ways is related to the failed inner city policies of liberal progressives enabling the pestilence of gang violence — the empty chair should be filled with an American who was able to protect herself because of the Second Amendment.

Of course that’s not going to happen because it wouldn’t provide Obama with a talking point. Or maybe, the chair could be filled with the family members of Army MSG Joshua Wheeler or SSG Matthew McClintock — their names should be familiar.

They’re the recent victims of gun violence at the hands of ISIS in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan, you know, the combat zones where combat was declared ended by Obama. And I don’t expect him to discuss that Tuesday evening either.

You see, the Obama administration defines a “victim” according to what benefits him politically — not based on reality. So maybe Obama will once again summon his best thespian abilities and shed tears as he gazes up to the empty chair.

Do not be fooled; there are many in America who could have been victims, but they defended themselves. And those who’ve been the victims of Obama’s policies, like Kate Steinle, will not have their voices heard.

The other political stunt Obama will unleash Tuesday evening will be to have a Syrian refugee seated in the gallery. Hmm, we learned last week about some Iraq refugees that were arrested with ties to Islamic terrorism in Sacramento and Houston. And we kinda have a problem with Somali refugees in Minnesota supporting ISIS and Islamic terrorism, often traveling to Syria. You remember Syria, the place where the Obama State Department claimed as a success because they’re “beginning” to bring peace and security?

Right now, I don’t think the folks in Cologne, Germany, Oslo, Norway, or Sweden are too keen on displaced persons arriving from the Middle East. Now, that’s not to say there aren’t good folks, but now is not the time for a SOTU photo op — then again, Obama believes anytime is a good time for a photo op.

So let me put this point forward: why not have an Assyrian or Chaldean who has fled Iraq and Syria and made it to America? Why not feature Christians who made it out of Mosul to escape the savage brutality that is ISIS? Why not tell that story and demonize this enemy whose commitment to a 7th century barbaric ideal threatens centuries-old Christian civilizations and communities? It’s simple, because that story doesn’t fit the ideological agenda of the progressive socialist left and Barack Obama.

Yes, I will be watching the SOTU address because we at the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) will be providing real time analysis and response on social media.

Now, there is one place I’d much rather be this Tuesday evening.

The world premiere of the movie “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” will be right here in Dallas, actually Arlington, at the AT&T Stadium.

You know, it was a while back that I wrote a piece about speaking with someone who had intricate knowledge about what happened that night far away. Of course the progressive socialist kool-aid drinkers went apoplectic. However, if you read the book 13 Hours, you’ll find the accounts of the exploits of that engagement from the survivors. Tiegen, Geist, and Paronto are the essence of American valor and heroism.

You have to ask, why weren’t any of these men invited to sit in the gallery of the SOTU address in the years since September 2012? Why haven’t they been recognized with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, or since they were former Military Special Operators, I would have sought out a means to award them the Congressional Medal of Honor — but why hasn’t that been an objective of Barack Obama?

Once again it’s simple: they don’t fit his ideological agenda. Furthermore, those men represent something which President Obama will never possess: character and bravery in the face of the enemy. For the Obama administration, Bowe Bergdahl represents honor and distinction — yes, a coward who deserted and fled before the enemy. Former Navy SEALS Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty lost their lives in those 13 hours when Obama went to sleep and then flew off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas. Hillary Clinton did get that 3 am phone call, and guess what she did? The families of Woods and Doherty have never been invited to the House gallery for a SOTU address — I suppose they’re not a worthy optic. Yet, they were deemed insignificant enough to be told a lie by Obama and Clinton — a truly despicable and unconscionable act, but expected from those more dedicated to themselves, than to America.

So this Tuesday evening, Obama will be delivering his final SOTU address in his own self-created theater of the absurd. But on a screen in Arlington, Texas the true depiction of American valor will be playing. And you must realize the man delivering the speech Tuesday evening was directly responsible for the deaths that occurred as portrayed on the screen in Texas. However, it was the heroism of a few who kept those 13 hours from becoming an utter American tragedy. Sadly, they’ve NEVER been recognized for their bravery because it got in the way of someone being elected — that someone being Barack Obama.

There will be many things for which Obama will be remembered. I will always remember him as the person who abandoned Americans to die because they were expendable, as they did not enable his agenda. And I dare any leftist progressive socialist to defend what Obama did, as well as Hillary Clinton’s complicity. They both lied to all of us, but especially to the families of Woods and Doherty. If you do defend Obama and Clinton, then there is really no hope for you.


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