Stop the presses: Look how many suicide attacks were carried out by JUDEO-CHRISTIAN fanatics

It’s usually never a good idea to rush to judgement on an event before all the facts come out. Minutes after any mass shooting is reported, liberals rush to judgement to speculate on the allegedly white shooter’s right wing motivations.

And they usually end up looking like idiots.

But sometimes we can be pretty sure of what happened based on past experience. In the case of suicide bombings, is it ever NOT a Muslim attacker?

Well, according to the research, if there’s a suicide bombing, the answer is…hardly ever.

As The Blaze reported:

A new study by Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University found that of the 452 suicide attacks it tallied last year, 450 were carried out by Muslims.

The Times of Israel reported:

Of course, we cannot avoid mentioning the religious element as the most significant factor that motivates the suicide terrorists throughout the world. Here’s the most dramatic statistic: 450 of 452 suicide terror attacks in 2015 were perpetrated by Muslim extremists. One of the remaining two attacks was carried out by the Kurdish underground. [However it should be noted at least 98 percent of Kurds are Muslim] The other was perpetrated by a woman supporter of a leftist group in Turkey.

Even the attack in Turkey initially attributed to a “leftist group” may actually also have been carried out by a Muslim. According to media reports, police were investigating if the perpetrator was a Russian woman “radicalized by Wahhabi ideology.” If that turns out to be the case, that would mean 451 of the 452 attacks were perpetrated by Muslim extremists.

So I guess we can’t always rush to judgement in assuming that a suicide attack was committed by a Muslim. It could’ve been committed by leftists too.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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