HORRIFIC: Look how this ISIS terrorist responded when his MOTHER begged him to quit

Every time I think I’m finally desensitized to the atrocities ISIS commits they manage to surprise me. I’m beginning to think the Saw series would’ve been more successful if ISIS members had scripted it.

ISIS isn’t filled with sociopaths – that word would be too kind for them. Even sociopaths are capable of feeling empathy towards their family.

As reported by Opposing Views, the latest news out of the Islamic State truly takes savagery to an incomprehensible level:

A 20-year-old ISIS fighter reportedly executed his own mother in public after she attempted to convince him to leave the terror network.

The Telegraph reports that the 45-year-old woman had planned to flee from her home near Raqqa, which ISIS claims as its capital. The woman, Leena, is believed to have told her son, Ali Saqr al-Qasem, that she wanted him to go with her.

Instead, Ali reported his mother to his ISIS superiors. The Observatory reports that the group sentenced her to death under the pretext of “inciting her son to leave the Islamic state and escaping together to the outside of Al-Raqqah, and that the Coalition will kill all members of the organization.”

Ali reportedly shot his mother in the head with an assault rifle near Raqqa’s main post office building, where she worked. As is common with ISIS’ public executions, hundreds of people gathered to witness it.

News like this makes it undeniable that ISIS is motivated by religion, despite the president’s claims that ISIS is “not Islamic.” For someone to kill their own mother they truly have to believe that they’re acting in God’s will.

It’s a tragedy that they’re this devoted to the wrong God.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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