Wow: New poll has SHOCKING news for Trump campaign…

“Conventional wisdom” says that although Trump is currently the Republican frontrunner for the presidential nomination, there is absolutely NO way he could beat Hillary Clinton in the general election. NO way. Because, well you know, he’s Trump.

Except…there’s nothing “conventional” about this election cycle. And here’s one jaw-dropping piece of evidence towards that.

US News reports a new survey by Washington-based Mercury Analytics shows, “nearly 20 percent of likely Democratic voters say they’d cross sides and vote for Trump, while a small number, or 14 percent, of Republicans claim they’d vote for Clinton. When those groups were further broken down, a far higher percentage of the crossover Democrats contend they are “100 percent sure” of switching than the Republicans.”

Calling Karl Rove…please come pick up your white board. You left it in the Fox News green room.

The survey was a combination of online questionnaire and “dial-test” of Trump’s first TV campaign ad. When the firmed showed respondents the Trump ad, and assessed their responses to each moment of it, it found “the primary messages of Trump’s ad resonated more than Democratic elites would hope.”

About 25 percent of Democrats “agree completely” that it raises some good point, with an additional 19 percent agreeing at least “somewhat.”

Here’s the final frame of the “dial test” for the ad. You can see “Democrat defectors” are way off the charts in approval for Trump’s message.


“Mercury CEO Ron Howard, a Democrat whose firm works for candidates in both parties and corporate clients, concedes, “We expected Trump’s first campaign spot to strongly appeal to Republican Trump supporters, with little impact – or in fact negative impact – on Democratic or independent voters.””


I am personally just loving the spectacle of seeing conventional wisdom, AND the DC establishment (of both parties) take it in the shorts.

[Note: The article was gleefully written by Michele Hickford]

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