Here’s what TRUMP promises to do about guns on his first day in office

While Obama lectures on gun control, Trump realizes that the only thing a bad guy with a gun fears is a good guy with a gun.

As the Washington Examiner reported, to Trump, gun control means using both hands:

“You know what a gun free zone is to a sicko? That’s bait!” Trump told just under 1,500 at his rally in Burlington, Vt.

Trump, a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, considers himself a steadfast ally in the fight to protect gun ownership in the U.S. In mid-September, the celebrity candidate published a Second Amendment position paper that deemed gun and magazine bans “a total failure” and pushed for nationalizing concealed carry permits.

“I would get rid of gun-free zones on schools … and on military bases. My first day it gets signed,” Trump said, pledging to take immediate action should he succeed in his bid for the White House.

“There’s no more gun-free zones,” he repeated, drawing a deafening applause from the audience.

Trump continued, ending his remarks with a haunting reminder of the Chattanooga, Tenn. shooting in July that left four Marines and one Navy Sailor dead.

Just to get the point across on what a difference this will make, here are the facts on gun free zones:

  • Since 1950, all but two mass public shootings in America have occurred in gun free zones
  • Every single mass shooting in Europe has occurred in a gun free zone
  • From 1977-1999, multiple deaths from mass public shootings fell 60 percent when state governments began decriminalizing the concealed carry of handguns

The evidence on the danger of gun free zones is clear.

Guns don’t kill people. Gun free zones do.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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