Liberal indoctrination: The OUTRAGEOUS image students were given that FORCED an apology

Once again, we present an example of why more and more parents are deciding to home school their children, this one submitted by one of our readers who said in her email, “It truly is indoctrination of our children in public schools and race baiting at its finest… I live in Carson City, a neighboring city of Dayton NV. This made me sick. Thought you all might be interested in spreading the word… We need to be aware of what teachers are impregnating our kids’ minds with…”

A Nevada school district has been forced to apologize after high school students were given a writing assignment based on a highly offensive image.


Parents were understandably outraged at the image of the painting titled “A Tale of Two Hoodies” showing a police officer in a KKK hood aiming his weapon at a young black child holding a bag of Skittles.

As Nevada’s News4 reports, Lyon County School Superintendent Wayne Workman said “the assignment was part of a final examination, I think it was meant to be a prompt for a writing assignment in a social studies class.”

Workman describes the incident as a “personnel issue” and would not offer any specifics but is offering parents an apology. He said, “The first thing we hope to say to parents is we hope they will accept our sincerest apology for the offensive nature of the picture.”

Workman says many view the image as offensive and insulting to law enforcement. Workman added, “The message in there is in no way consistent with our views in regards to law enforcement.”

Workman said in his opinion, he thinks the teacher was trying to provoke students in providing an argument for one side or another of a controversial subject. He added, “Still, the question is could that have been accomplished in a different manner and still receive the same result? Yeah, I think it could have.”

Gee, ya THINK?

The official statement says: “Lyon County School District and Dayton High School Administration would like to offer up our sincerest apology for the picture that was used by a classroom teacher at Dayton High School. We understand the offensive nature of the image and regret that it was used. We are addressing the issue and appreciate the public’s patience and understanding as we deal with this matter. The District has worked diligently to form a positive working relationship with local law enforcement and first responders. Lyon County School District staff and students greatly respect the work and service provided by all law enforcement in keeping our schools and communities safe.”

Yeah, yeah all that and a bag of chips…

It is impossible to look at this image and not see another side of the “controversial subject.” But this is what our children are being force-fed. From calligraphy exercises using Islamic prayers, to books on transgender children, to sex education lessons on “gender fluidity,” this is how the progressive agenda is taking root in our nation.

We get one more chance to stop it in November this year…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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