The ONE thing you’ll NEVER see Obama cry about…

President Obama took the stage in the East Room of the White House yesterday and made an emotional display, to include actual tears. Just so y’all know, I also cry, especially at that part in the movie “Spartacus” when they all stand and declare, “I am Spartacus.” Also, the scene in the movie “Glory” when, after the Confederacy declares “any negro Soldier captured in uniform under arms will be shot” yet the next day, every one of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment is there the next day for muster call. Plus, the movies “Gladiator,” “Braveheart,” and “The Last Samurai” when Lord Katsumoto takes his life in honor causes the ol’ eyes to water up as well.

But standing as the president of the United States before the nation taking an unconstitutional action is hardly the time to shed tears. Leaders show strength in times of crisis, they show principled resolve, not ideological, agenda-driven emotions.

Where were the tears for Major General Harold Green — remember him? He was the most senior service member killed in Afghanistan. Where were the tears for the families of those killed at Ft. Hood in an Islamic terror attack? Where were the tears for the families of the Sailor and Marines who lost their lives at the hands of an Islamic jihadist in Chattanooga?

Where were the tears for the children of the greatest sniper in U.S. military history, Chris Kyle? Where were the tears for the Assyrian, Chaldean, and Yazidi children who have been beheaded, crucified, and raped by members of ISIS? Where were the tears for the families of the fallen from Benghazi, as they were being told a lie about a video?

No, I do not discount or lessen the horrific loss of those children at Sandy Hook, or those whom we have mentioned on these pages killed in the gang violence of Chicago. But I do not consent to cherry-picking of an emotional response when it fits a politicized agenda, when there have been countless occasions for a commander-in-chief to shed tears.

And so it goes, that as Obama feigned anger and sadness yesterday, far away in Afghanistan a dire situation is being played out that will result in tears for at least one American family.

As reported by Fox News, “More than a dozen U.S. Army special operations soldiers are trapped in Marjah, Afghanistan, taking cover in a compound surrounded by enemy fire and hostile Taliban fighters after a U.S. special operations solider was killed earlier in the day, senior U.S. defense officials told Fox News late Tuesday. A U.S. official described the “harrowing” scene to Fox News, saying there were enemy forces surrounding the compound in which the special operations team sought refuge.

“On the map there is one green dot representing friendly forces stuck in the compound, and around it is a sea of red [representing hostile forces],” the official told Fox News. A U.S. military “quick reaction force” of reinforcements arrived late Tuesday and evacuated the U.S. special operations soldier killed in action, and the two wounded Americans in the compound, according to a U.S. defense official. The crew of the disabled helicopter also evacuated safely, the official said. The rest of the U.S. special operations team remain in the compound to secure the damaged HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter in an area surrounded by Taliban fighters. An AC-130 gunship has been called in for air cover as the U.S. troops now wait out the night. Earlier in the day, two USAF HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters were sent to rescue the U.S. special operations team.

One of the helicopters took fire and waved off the mission and flew back to base. The other helicopter’s blades struck the wall of the compound while attempting a rescue of the special operations team, according to defense officials who compared the scene to one similar to the helicopter crash inside Usama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on the mission to kill the Al Qaeda leader in May 2011. ”

As a Congressman I visited Afghanistan and walked the streets of Marjah with the commanding general of Marine Forces in Helmand province. Years earlier when I was deployed to southern Afghanistan training the Afghan Army, I knew the hell hole of Marjah. Perhaps knowing this situation, President Obama should have focused there as part of his duties to ensure these brave Americans were not in the situation in which they find themselves — trapped.

And this is supposedly the place where Obama declared combat operations had ended. It appears no one told the Taliban, who killed six Americans just last month near Bagram AB. Let us pray this doesn’t descend into a “Black Hawk Down” situation that occurred during the tenure of one, now campaigning, President Bill Clinton. And that episode occurred because of a denial to allow a night time or limited visibility raid, as well as heavy armor support.

These U.S. Special Operators are trapped in the non-combat, combat zone that is Afghanistan. You see, President Obama can play the big kahuna here in America and unilaterally make unconstitutional declarations. However, the enemy does not pay attention to rhetorical statements such as “combat operations have ended.”

The Taliban doesn’t concern itself with the teary-eyed Obama, nor do any of the ideological enemies of America. What they saw was weakness, not strength, especially as they have our best Warriors “trapped.”

And as we closed out 2015, the news out of Afghanistan should bring tears to the eyes of Obama. As reported by National Review, “With control of — or a significant presence in — roughly 30 percent of districts across the nation, according to Western and Afghan officials, the Taliban now holds more territory than in any year since 2001, when the puritanical Islamists were ousted from power after the 9/11 attacks.

For now, the top American and Afghan priority is preventing Helmand, largely secured by U.S. Marines and British forces in 2012, from again falling to the insurgency. As of last month, about 7,000 members of the Afghan security forces had been killed this year, with 12,000 injured, a 26 percent increase over the total number of dead and wounded in all of 2014, said a Western official with access to the most recent NATO statistics. Attrition rates are soaring. Deserters and injured Afghan soldiers say they are fighting a more sophisticated and well-armed insurgency than they have seen in years.”

Do we need to rectify the situation with gun violence in America? Absolutely, but strenuous exertions, unconstitutional actions, and tears will do nothing. Criminals and those with deranged minds will continue to exist and instituting executive measures that law-abiding citizens already follow is not the solution.

But worse is the fact that many tears have been shed for those we’ve lost while their exertions had secured victory on a battlefield, now lost due to an ideological agenda that affords the enemy advantage and initiative.

We all love our children and want them to be protected. We also love our Warriors and do not want them to be abandoned. I pray this morning we learn all is well for those men. And think about this, Obama wants to socially engineer our military; what would you think if there were women in that force trapped?

Tears? Doggone, if another liberal progressive socialist is elected in November this year, there will be tears


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