Don’t go HERE: Major city has MASS sexual assault…

Before you read this, you must be aware of the tragic irony that Time Magazine named German Chancellor Angela Merkel its “Person of the Year” for her generosity in throwing open the borders of Germany – and the European Union — to Muslim refugees.

I’m quite certain the women of Germany have a different opinion at this moment.

The Independent reports, “Police are investigating reports of a group of 1,000 men carrying out a mass sexual assault on dozens of women in the middle of a German city on New Year’s Eve.

German police has received numerous complaints from women who said they were groped and attacked in Cologne city centre. One woman has claimed she was raped.

Wolfgang Albers, the Cologne police chief, says witnesses described the assaults as coming from a group of up to 1,000 men whose appearance indicated they were of “Arab or North African origin.”

He said the incidents were “a completely new dimension of crime.”

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Liberal progressives and the “coexist” crowd won’t want to hear this, but we’ve already reported that Sweden has become the rape capital of the West after receiving an influx of immigrants. Violent crime has exploded.

Police in Oslo, Norway have already admitted their city has been lost.

Is it any wonder Sweden has now decided to erect a wall? As the Daily Mail reports, “Sweden has reintroduced check points on its border with Denmark for the first time in half a century in a desperate attempt to stem the flow of migrants.

Guards yesterday began inspecting passports on the famous Oresund Bridge between the two countries, which had been the most visible symbol of European integration.

Within hours, Denmark made an emergency request to tighten checks on its southern border with Germany – becoming the ninth country in the European Union’s 26-nation Schengen Zone to bring back temporary controls.”

We shall see how “temporary” those controls are. Something tells me the mass sexual assaults and terror attacks aren’t “temporary.”

Hello Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? Would you like to comment on this “war on women?” I thought not…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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