As tensions increase between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Obama just proved which side he’s on

Growing up down South, the ol’ folks had two very astute maxims: “folks will know you by the company that you keep” and “your actions speak louder than words.” These two maxims seriously apply to the recent actions of President Barack Obama. Once again, you have to ask, what does Obama love so much about the Islamists that run Iran?

As reported by Fox News, “Leading lawmakers, including supporters of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, rapped the White House for delaying fresh sanctions on Tehran over its missile program, warning that the move would embolden it to further destabilize the Middle East.

The abrupt reversal by the administration came as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani publicly ordered his military to dramatically scale up the country’s missile program if the sanctions went ahead.

Senior U.S. officials have told lawmakers the sanctions were delayed because of “evolving diplomatic work” between the White House and the Iranian government. The administration had notified Congress on Wednesday that it would impose new financial penalties on nearly a dozen companies and individuals for their alleged role in developing Iran’s ballistic missile program, but pulled back later that day.

Top U.S. lawmakers, including White House allies, said they believed failing to respond to Tehran’s two recent ballistic missile tests would diminish the West’s ability to enforce the nuclear agreement reached between global powers and Tehran in July.”

First, why would anyone believe the Obama administration was going to impose new financial penalties? Secondly, what ever happened to those “snapback sanctions” that were supposed to immediately be reinstated if Iran violated any terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Iranian nuclear agreement.

This is what I mean by not paying attention to what the Obama administration, specifically Obama, says, but rather what they do. And what is “evolving diplomatic work?” I’ll tell you, it’s just another ruse by Obama and his acolytes to send the message, “we’re not going to do anything to derail our “signature foreign policy achievement”” — yeah, I know, you’re laughing your tails off.

And so Iran knows Obama will do nothing, to include allowing five Americans to remain unlawfully held by the Islamist regime in Tehran. Of course this happens exactly at the same time tensions are increasing between Iran and Saudi Arabia. In case you missed it, the Sunni Saudis beheaded a Shiite cleric along with 46 others over the weekend. The Iranians immediately set fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran. The Saudis immediately emptied its embassy of diplomats, cut off diplomatic ties, and ordered the Iranian mission out of Riyadh within 48 hours.

Now, if you want to know how a true American president responds to Iran, just go back to April 1988. As reported then by the New York Times, “The United States Navy clashed with Iranian forces across the southern half of the Persian Gulf today, crippling or sinking six armed Iranian vessels. One American attack helicopter was reported missing. The attacks began when six American ships destroyed two Iranian oil platforms in what the Reagan Administration said was retaliation for the mining that damaged a Navy vessel last week. The worst fighting between Iranian and American forces coincided with heavy clashes in the Persian Gulf war between Iran and Iraq.”

The only language understood by despots, dictators, theocrats, and autocrats — and especially Islamic terrorists and jihadists — is force.

Iran has no respect for “evolving diplomatic work,” and President Ronald Reagan comprehended that. What Iran today — and most of our enemies realize — is that Barack Obama is reticent to embark on any escalation of confrontation and believes his soaring rhetoric can persuade others.

That’s why Obama goes on about saying he was elected to end wars. Obama believes he can unilaterally declare combat operations have ended. And Obama believes climate change is the greatest threat to the globe, along with GITMO being a terrorist recruiting tool. This is the language of a loser, a defeated apologist who doesn’t embrace the ideal of American resolve, strength, and might. Also, it’s quite telling that this is the type of company Obama wants to keep placated — what message does that send?

So let me make this final point. Obama is coming back from holiday vacay and will meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to institute new gun control mandates by executive order. Obama refuses to reinstate sanctions against Iran, which has violated the nuclear agreement on at least three occasions.

So what is your assessment of Obama’s actions to disarm the American people, yet arm Iran? Seems pretty clear to me which side he’s on.

Gotta give it to Barack, he’s a slick rhetorician, but I don’t listen to his words — do you?


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