Texas governor posts FIERCE challenge to Obama regarding gun control.

Well folks, get ready for a modern-day showdown at the OK Corral. As we’ve been reporting here, our president is fixin’ to get guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens to make sure we are fully disarmed in the face of criminals and terrorists – – or so it seems.

On New Year’s Day during his weekly address, President Obama said he is looking for ways to control guns without having to go through that pesky Congress. He’s set to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch tomorrow to discuss what executive actions he can take to push his agenda through.

Well, thank God for Texas.

In response to President Obama’s comment, Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted those famous words uttered by Spartan King Leonidas when the Persian army demanded the Greeks lay down their weapons.


Of course, readers of this page will know the original Greek phrase as “Molon Labe” which, as it happens, is also tattooed on the forearm of our very own Texas resident, Col. Allen B. West.


“Increasing background checks” will do nothing to stop criminal violence. Increasing the number of “gun-free zones” will only give terrorists and nutbags more free reign.

Nothing will stop Obama from advancing his tyrannical agenda to eliminate your Second Amendment rights…except maybe Texas!

[Note: This article was written while bitterly clinging to her guns by Michele Hickford]


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