Should what Rubio just said about missing the budget vote IMMEDIATELY disqualify him?

Senator Marco Rubio has taken a lot of heat from the other Republican presidential candidates over his (lack of a) voting record in the Senate. Chris Christie has told him to quit if he doesn’t want to show up to votes, Rand Paul thinks he should resign, and Jeb Bush has made the fact a focus of various campaign attack ads against Rubio.

Rubio had the worst attendance record in 2015, missing 35 percent of votes, including the vote on Paul Ryan’s 2009-page omnibus bill.

We get that Rubio has been busy campaigning, and previous candidates have also missed a lot of votes, but his excuse for missing the omnibus vote isn’t exactly reassuring.

As The Shark Tank reported:

Appearing on the Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends,” Rubio was asked to discuss the recent attacks he has endured about his missed votes in the Senate as he runs for president. 

“Washington is completely broken, and that’s why I’m running for president, because these votes taking in Washington they don’t count.”-Senator Marco Rubio

Rubio then added, “half the things that happen in Washington are for show and for talk.”

So there we have it – he doesn’t do his job because it doesn’t matter anyway. That’s the kind of mentality you’d expect to hear from a teenage McDonalds employee, but a United States Senator, and a potential commander in chief? You tell me…

[Note: This article was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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