Last ditch effort? Jeb Bush just issued a MAJOR challenge

The riffs between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have been my favorite part of the prior Republican debates. Trump manages to come off on top without much effort, while Jeb summons up enough energy to come off flustered.

You’d think Bush would want to distance himself from Trump as much as possible, but apparently he has a different idea as The Hill reported:

Jeb Bush (last week) challenged Republican front-runner Donald Trump to a one-on-one debate.

Speaking to a gathering at the Forum Club in Palm Beach, Fla., Bush was asked by the moderator what he would say to Trump if he were to walk in the room at that moment.

“Donald, I’ll take you on one-on-one in a debate, any time, any place,” Bush said. “You name it and I’ll do it.”

Bush has been on the attack against Trump in recent weeks.

At the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas on Dec. 15, he rebuked the business mogul as a “chaos candidate” and declared, “You’re not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency.”

How would a debate like this go? Well, if we can extrapolate from past experience, probably not very well, as evidenced by a video compilation of all the Trump vs. Jeb moments thus far:

[Note: This article was written by The Analytical Economist]


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