UNTHINKABLE: Look who is Trump biggest base of supporters

Earlier we reported on Trump’s immense support among minority groups – a statistic many were shocked by considering how routinely the media denounces the man as a racist.

Here’s the latest shock poll when it comes to Trump: his strongest supporters are registered DEMOCRAT.


How is this even possible? Just as there are liberal Republicans, there are plenty of people with conservative leanings who are registered as Democrats (the so called “Blue Dog Democrats”)

As HotAir reported:

If you’re a Trump fan, here’s the smoking gun that he really is a new Reagan, the guy who’s going to broaden the tent and sweep to victory in November by bringing centrist Democrats into the GOP.

Of course this could be interpreted the opposite way:

If you’re a Trump critic, here’s further proof that he’s the RINO of RINOs, a man who’s blended nationalism, center-left economics, and Jacksonian foreign policy into something that tastes better to members of the other party than it does to conservatives.

And Obama may be partially to thank for this:

During the Obama era, many of these voters have abandoned the Democrats. Many Democrats may now even identify as Republicans, or as independents who lean Republican, when asked by pollsters — a choice that means they’re included in a national Republican primary survey, whether they remain registered as Democrats or not.

Obviously this isn’t to say that all Democrats are supporting Trump – just those with conservative leanings. But it does go to show how wide Trump’s appeal stretches. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any Republicans for Hillary or Sanders anytime soon.

The only disheartening statistic is that Trump’s popularity is also highest among those with a low likelihood of actually voting in the election. I’ve noticed anecdotally that “Get Out the Vote” campaigns tend to be launched by liberals, and this year we should be grateful for them as they spectacularly backfire for the left.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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