Liberal rag deletes mosque-burning story after suspect turns out to be…

The left is desperate to distract our attention away from the very real threat of Islamic terrorism.

So what better than to change the subject. Take the recent San Bernardino shootings as an example. Rather than addressing the issue, we’re warned about the potential of Islamophobic attacks against innocent Muslims in retaliation.

I’d rather worry about the innocent victims of terrorism.

( And it’s interesting that the left doesn’t give the same treatment to gun owners following a mass shooting.)

So what happens when the narrative backfires? As the Daily Caller reported on some recent bad journalism over at Salon:

Authorities charged Gary Moore early Wednesday with setting fire to the Islamic Center of Houston on Christmas Day, shortly after Friday prayers. It’s not clear why Moore allegedly targeted the mosque, but authorities say there’s no evidence of a hate crime, according to the Associated Press. Rather, Moore himself is a Muslim who worshiped regularly at the center.

Salon published an article about Moore’s arrest Wednesday morning, along with many other media outlets. Writer Ben Norton prematurely suggested in the piece the attack was Islamophobic.

Norton’s article was apparently taken down later Wednesday, apparently after it became apparent the alleged attacker is Muslim. The link to the Norton’s piece returned a 404 error page as of Wednesday evening.

After the DC reported on it, the post went back up on Salon, whereas Norton claimed that the piece was merely reverted to a draft so it could be updated to reflect the new revelation. Weird how many hours it took for a simple edit to be made.

It’s also interesting how he never bothered to respond to the DC’s request for comment before their piece went up – and that the narrative of the story as an anti-Islamophobia story hasn’t changed one bit since the story went back up.

As JD Rucker at Soshable noted Norton has good reason to be embarrassed, considering past comments he’s made on how the media is a bit sloppy when it comes to reporting on Muslims:

Take note that the same author [Norton] posted on his site an article that attacks the media for jumping to conclusions about anything that relates to Muslims. The golden nugget is in the first sentence when he writes, “You can basically make up anything about ISIS, and the Western media will uncritically repeat it.”

Rucker writes a better conclusion to this piece than I could have:

To restate the rhetoric in a different light, you can basically make up anything about Islamophobes, and the liberal media will uncritically repeat it.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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