State Department caught telling LIE about Syria…it’s insane and OFFENSIVE

Ok, there is delusional, and then there is downright insane. And it appears our U.S. State Department is suffering from one or perhaps both conditions based on a recent claim.

As reported by, “Last week, the State Department gave itself a pat on the back for “bringing peace and security” to…Syria.

The announcement was part of the agency’s year-end review, where it listed its top foreign policy achievements of 2015. Syrians are in their fifth year of a civil war that has caused thousands to flee their shores, inundating Europe and America through desperate refugee programs.

How then, does the department explain its choice to congratulate themselves on their work in Syria? It is justified by the tense they used, according to State Department spokesman Mark Toner. “The operative word there is ‘bringing,’ not brought,” Toner told reporters. “So we’re bringing peace and security to Syria, I think that is a truthful claim,” he added. “There has been significant process, we believe, in the past year, on both fronts.” So, they are giving themselves credit for something that has yet to occur.”

Ok folks, if the State Department is “bringing” peace and security to Syria, we do not need to “bring” Syrian refugees — displaced persons — to the United States.

As a matter of fact, they should all head back, since the Obama administration is “bringing” peace and security. Does anyone else believe this to be the MOST absurd thing you have heard emanating from the Obama crew? And trust me, saying that is unfathomable considering the many other absurdities. Syria… SYRIA? The place where Obama said, Bashar Assad must go — well, he’s still there. Perhaps we will be “bringing” him a ride to leave.

Syria, the place where a multitude of Sunni Islamic terrorist groups operate — we shared that with y’all recently — but we are “bringing” security.

ISIS still claims a caliphate centered in the Syrian city of Raqqa — but we are “bringing” peace and security — tell that to the people who’ve been and will be crucified, beheaded, blown up, and sold into slavery. Syria, the place where the Obama administration spent $45 million to train 55 bubbas all of whom except 3 or 5 were killed or captured as they were “bringing” peace and security.

Ladies and gents, we’re doing such a swell job of “bringing” peace and security to Syria that Vladimir Putin has deployed Russian troops. And not just those cheeky fellas, but we also have two designated Islamic terrorist groups in Syria also “bringing” peace and security — the Iranian Quds Force and Hezbollah.

This isn’t the only idiocy coming from the appropriately named Foggy Bottom, State Department. They claim the Iranian nuclear deal as a success. They tout holding a summit on countering extremism. And get this — they actually set a date for ending poverty — yep, the day when Obama leaves office.

Not to be outdone, the White House has announced that in 2016 Obama will become a globetrotter, traveling the world to seal his foreign policy. Well, that makes sense, because he started in 2009 traveling the world issuing apologies for America, which set the stage for his weak foreign policy.

Doggone, someone help me understand this? And what is even more disturbing is that we have no one, and I mean no one, in the GOP leadership standing up and crushing these inane statements. And folks, let’s be honest, a President Hillary Clinton will be no different since she was the Obama secretary of state for four years and was a complicit architect of this foreign policy disaster.

Consider what the world was like January 19, 2009, and compare it to what it is today. And you tell me where are the successes — and please, don’t blow sunshine up my arse telling me about ending wars. Iraq is a freaking mess and we just lost six Airmen in Afghanistan last week.

This is just offensive, that John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton believe us, the American people just that stupid that they can say these nonsensical things. Then again, it is rather Pavlovian; we reward them with power and prestige such as being “most admired.” So I guess we may just be that dumb – well at least some are!


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