Holy cow: Look what’s being investigated as a ‘hate crime’ now…

In the category of you-can’t-make-this-up and no-this-isn’t-the-Onion, there’s news out of Las Vegas of what’s being investigated as a hate crime against a local mosque.

Via Breitbart:

Per a report by Turnto23, police said a man wrapped raw bacon around the door of a Las Vegas, NV mosque over the weekend.

Police are investigating the incident captured on video as a possible hate crime since pork or bacon are forbidden in Islam both to eat and touch.

The surveillance video captured by Masjid Tawheed mosque shows a man placing the raw bacon onto the mosque’s doors and door handles.

While Las Vegas police investigate as a ‘hate crime’ this bacon-related offense — which some might consider a silly, if tasteless (actually, quite TASTY to most of us) prank — no word yet on whether killing infidels in the name of Islam qualifies as a ‘hate crime’ or is just ‘workplace violence.’

We can only hope that this current wave of hysteria about Islamophobia — wherein any whisper of legitimate concern about anything related to Islam, even in the context of the realities of radical Islam slapping us in the face daily — doesn’t result in making it a hate crime to sell or serve bacon. Sounds far-fetched, but given how far our government and our culture is going to accommodate certain groups — while trampling on the rights of others (see this other story from today, for example) — nothing seems out of the realm of possibility anymore.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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