My predictions for 2016…and where I’ll be lending MY support

First of all I want to send out my condolences to those here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area who lost their loved ones in the massive storms we endured over the weekend.

It is amazing to me how fast the year went by. Our family reestablished a home here in Dallas, arriving to the area last Christmas Eve. We closed the deal on our new home here in February. It was nice to celebrate Christmas together, Texas-style The last time that happened was December 2002 at Ft. Hood, Texas. And speaking about how fast a year goes, one has to wonder what will become of America over this next year, 2016.

My greatest concern is that we are being driven along by a media cycle that’s not focusing us on pressing issues. Our jobs situation in America is still appalling, the workforce participation rate is at an all-time low of around 62.5 percent. The jobs numbers we continue to hear touted include the creation of “part-time” jobs.

There are some 93 million Americans dropped from the workforce and no longer included in calculations. Our new normal for GDP growth is 2.3 percent to 2.5 percent when, if we had proper tax, fiscal, regulatory, and monetary policies, we would be clipping at perhaps four to five percent growth. Instead we have someone like Bernie Sanders who wants to tax people making $ 1million and above at 90 to 100 percent rate. And sadly, Sanders just displayed his lack of economic knowledge in conflating student debt with a mortgage.

We have a frontrunner in one political party who hasn’t had a single accomplishment, yet people are “ready” for what? Are we so morally bankrupt in America that someone who could look into the eyes of families that had lost loved ones and lie to them is an acceptable choice for president?

Have we so dismissed any standards of character that someone could blatantly violate established laws and handling of classified materials — and again lie about it? I suppose it’s true, we’re willing to accept anything in America and if that be the case, then a year from now the demise of this Republic will only continue.

We’ve so lost the understanding of what leadership is that the requirement to be president has become nothing more that a popularity contest based on celebrity status.

The GOP field is struggling, but there is a clear separation highlighted by the recent Omnibus spending bill passed by a large majority Republican House and Senate. The American people are looking for that individual who will stand up to the political elite class of Washington D.C. and the GOP establishment. But in seeking that individual, we should not again be so accepting of anything if it doesn’t embody the highest standard of American governing principle.

Campaigning for president cannot be relegated to sound bites, slogans, and tweets – we’ve been there and done that folks. And in the GOP field, there are some folks who should just do the right thing, and end the campaign so there can be focus. Without a doubt there will be a firm winnowing of the field by mid-February. Heck, the next Fox-hosted debate will draw down the crowded prime time stage.

There has to be some criteria. After all, we accept such when it comes to sports rankings and who makes it to the playoffs or championships. There needs to be such a process to narrow down the field in the GOP presidential primary. Then we can have truly in-depth conversation in debates to assess the vision to restore the economic, energy, and national security aspects of our Republic.

I offer no predictions for this political cycle other than there is a certain anger in America that cannot be dismissed. And no, I will not offer an endorsement of an individual. I am a guardian of this Republic. I endorse the American ideal and our principles. I may share with you those who most closely can recommit us to our first principles and restore this Republic while reclaiming our American exceptionalism – but that’s down the road.

But I know this: one year from now we will know whether or not the future of America will be reclaimed or lost. The enemies of our Republic await, like salivating wolves.

The decision we make the first Tuesday in November 2016 will determine if America has learned a lesson from this little foray into the darkness of liberal progressive socialism and abject weakness. The liberal progressive left cannot hold its own on any issue as this nation has economically gone down the tubes from $10.67 trillion to what is estimated to be a $20 trillion debt. The GOP establishment cannot hold its own because they have not taken a principled stance on so many occasions. And their mantra of selecting the “most electable” candidate has not exactly been successful.

What I will predict as we draw to the end of 2015 is that a year from now, we could be talking about a new political organization based on founding principles of this Republic. I will predict this will be a rough year because the enemies of America — actually liberty — know they have 389 days to inflict as much damage as possible. They know who’s currently in office will not challenge them…the question will be who will take over that office. Remember, the Iranians released the hostages when Reagan was elected, not sworn in.

A year goes by quickly it seems, but much can happen in a year. My prayer is that a year from now we can hold our heads up with pride as Americans. God willing…


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