Here’s the five CRAZIEST feminist causes of 2015

In an country where the first wave of Feminism’s goals have been achieved long ago and men and women are equal under the law, feminists don’t have much left to protest – and they haven’t for decades now.

Instead, feminists have taken to focusing on “subtle sexism,” – sexism so subtle that nobody notices it. It requires an ability to read into anything at a level higher than your high school English teacher could’ve ever imaged.

Liz Finnegan put together an end of year list of the craziest feminist causes of the year. I’ve narrowed down the list to a top 5:

“Sweat Shaming”

In September, Guardian columnist Amy Roe recounted a Starbucks experiencewhere she claimed to have been “sweat shamed” by a female patron. Roe stopped into Starbucks following a run and a well-dressed woman asked her if she had done a class or gone swimming. “Um, running. I just… sweat a lot,” Roe said before fleeing the scene of the verbal assault. “Once safely inside my car, I threw off my damp running cap and flipped up the hood of my sweatshirt in embarrassment. I wanted to dive deep into that Lululemon Scuba and never come back up for air. Eventually the caffeine kicked in and it hit me: I’d been sweat-shamed.” Apparently, Roe believes that she had been in an unsafe environment, where people waiting in line make small talk. She also asserted this to be an act of sexism – despite the fact that the person engaging with her was a woman.

“Air Conditioning is Sexist”
This summer, a staggering number of publicationsdeclared, unironically, that air conditioning is sexist because women can’t wear cute dresses to work. Men, many of these articles posit, should change their work-appropriate attire in order to accommodate a woman’s desire to wear sundresses and sandals. “Short suits” were what some recommended men wear to work, in order to justify upping the temperature. They conveniently ignored the fact that they were fighting imagined sexism by recommending that the entire other gender expose more skin in the workplace. One has to wonder how acceptable such a request would be if a man was making it of a woman.

The Demand for Orgasm Equality
Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti set off a wave of columns after she penned an op-eddemanding that women receive “orgasm equality” based on information that indicates that women have less orgasms than men. What Valenti failed to acknowledge was a very real, and common, medical condition known as anorgasmia. Anorgasmia is the condition where someone is unable to orgasm despite having adequate stimulation, and impacts an estimated 10-15% of women. It’s also been proven that some women have orgasms and don’t know it, while others are incapable of climaxing through certain specific sexual experiences, including intercourse. Valenti is, knowingly or not, arguing that women should demand – DEMAND – sexual situations where they dictate duration and type of sexual experience. That doesn’t sound rapey at all.

Glitter Pits

Feminists have traded in dying overgrown body hair for clogging the pores under aforementioned overgrown body hair with copolymer plastics and aluminum foil. Yes, it is true: The latest fashion trend in the feminist world appears to be adorning unshaved armpits with – you guessed it – glitter. According to Bustle, this “encourages women to apply glitter to their under armsin the name of equality, rather than promote society’s body hair norms.” According to yours truly, however, it’s exactly what one can expect after a movement has achieved their desired results but still wants to stay relevant. I can think of no better indication that feminism has overstayed its welcome than the existence of Glitter Pits.

“The Word ‘Too’ is Sexist”
Huffington Post’s Cameron Schaeffer found herself receiving a significant amount of attention when she, post epiphany, brazenly declared the word “too” to be a sexist word. Too. “My epiphany about this word surprised me. I view myself as a well-versed feminist, but I never realized how deeply a three-letter adverb could cut,” she wrote. “Of course I’m not deeply offended by something as innocent as my friend thinking my hair is too short or too long. What makes me furious is the constant strain on females to find their unreachable perfect self.” I’m not sure much additional commentary is needed where this one is concerned.
< With causes as crazy as these, you’re probably wondering if you can get feminists to rally behind any cause, no matter how crazy, as long as its in the name of feminism. Yes. One user on the message board 4Chan had an idea: lets see if we can get feminists to pee their pants in the name of equality. The hook? To show solidarity with sexual assault victims who feel “soiled.” And such, the hashtag #pissforequality was launched. You have to see it to believe it.

What will be deemed sexist in 2016? I can’t wait to find out!

[Note: This article was written by The Analytical Economist]


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