The Ten Craziest Liberal Headlines of 2015

As our Christmas gift to you, we now present the top ten craziest liberal headlines of 2015.

I’m unsure if this will make you laugh or cry.

10. The Huffington Post Tries Science


Are men and women all that different? Of course not, says science.

Unless we’re making a political point about gun control. In that case men cannot be trusted.

Both articles were published within eight hours of each other.

9. Stop the White Men!


The white men must be stopped said Frank Joyce on the internet (invented by a white man), using a computer (invented by a white man), which had to rely on sustainable electricity (invited by white men). His article has gotten great exposure, mainly by being shared 9,000 times through Facebook, which was invented by a white man.

8. Starting Dialogue About ISIS


The history books will tell the tale of the day a dildo flag sparked a national dialogue about ISIS.

7. Environmental Consciousness


Need to feel guilt over something but don’t know what? Start with this article!

6. You Can’t Enjoy Anything. Ever


And they say conservatives are the fun police.

Apparently you can’t eat a food if it ever had contact with a group that was ever oppressed at anytime throughout history ever.

Just some random thoughts: on Thanksgiving Obama compared the Syrian refugees to the Pilgrims. If we’re going to take the liberals word for it on history – how did that turn out for them?

5. Climate Change



4. Colonialism is Alive and Well


Has it ever gotten too expensive in cities for the poor to live? That’s literally the same as foreign settlers invading your land and controlling it, apparently.

3. Everything is Sexist


Do you think about your partners needs? Of course you do, you sexist pig.

2. The Never Ending List of “Privileges”


Were you shocked when you saw video of 150 #blacklivesmatter protesters barging into a library to berate studying students? That must’ve been your privilege thinking.

  1.  Muslims Can Do No Wrong


We’ve saved the best for last.

Following the Boston bombing we heard the usual talking point from the left: the actions of a few crazed individuals don’t represent all Muslims.

But as soon as a white twenty-one year old shoots up a church, all 200 million whites in America are somehow culpable.

If liberals didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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