This state just REDEFINED The 2nd Amendment….are you affected?

Wednesday afternoon I had the good fortune of spending some time with my shooting coach at the Dallas Pistol Club. And I’ve been blessed to have not just any ol’ shooting coach, but a former Army officer and Olympian, John McNally.

And just so you folks know, based on John’s assessment, you may not want to be on the receiving end of my Taurus .380 TCP. That’s my concealed weapon of choice — and that, Mr. President, is my response to Islamic terror attacks, not gun control. Furthermore, as John would instruct you, Mr. President, gun control is a good grip and properly squeezing the trigger, not your executive orders. And speaking of my concealed carry weapon of choice, this coming year in July, my Concealed Carry License from Florida will expire. Texas recognizes the Florida CCL but I will have to get “rebooted” and undergo the requisite application and training here in Texas.

Which leads me to the topic of this story: national recognition of respective concealed carry licenses – and someone has decided they ain’t gonna do it.

As reported by Fox News, “Concealed handgun permits held by residents of 25 states will no longer be valid in Virginia, the state’s attorney general said Tuesday, drawing swift criticism from GOP lawmakers.

Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat, said the state will revoke its reciprocity agreement with the states because their concealed weapon laws don’t meet Virginia’s standards. Those states hand out permits to people who are barred under the Virginia law, like fugitives, convicted stalkers and drug dealers, which undermines the state’s law and puts residents at risk, he said.

“Evenly, consistently and fairly enforcing Virginia’s concealed handgun permit law, as we are now doing, means that it will be more difficult for potentially dangerous individuals to conceal their handguns here in Virginia and that will make Virginians safer, especially Virginian law enforcement,” Herring said.

The move means that Virginians will no longer be able to use their concealed handgun permits in six states that require a mutual reciprocity agreement: Florida, Louisiana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wyoming.

States are currently being notified about the change, which goes into effect on Feb. 1, Herring said. The only states that have tough enough laws to maintain their reciprocity agreement with Virginia are: Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and West Virginia, he said.

The states whose permits Virginia will no longer recognize are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.”

Based on this declaration from Virginia Attorney General Herring, it’s a good thing I now live in Texas. Now, having gone through the CCL process in Florida, I find it hard to believe that fugitives, convicted stalkers, and drug dealers can acquire a CCL — after all, I had to be fingerprinted. Now, what fugitive wants to be fingerprinted? Virginia is led by Clinton acolyte and consigliere Terry McAuliffe, and it appears politics is at work. I have to give it to the liberal progressive left, they’ll find any means necessary to restrict gun ownership — a constitutional right of law-abiding American citizens.

So here is my constitutional inquiry. How is it that all of a sudden the Virginia Attorney General can make a unilateral declaration that “infringes” upon the Second Amendment rights of Americans?

Just this year we had five black-robed unelected Supreme Court Justices who redefined the meaning of marriage and basically decreed that all states must recognize same-sex marriage under the 14th Amendment’s “equal protection under the law” clause. Now, how can it be that five folks who’re supposed to interpret the law, not make law, all of a sudden rule from on high that all 50 states must accept same-sex marriage? But we have one state declare it will restrict the Second Amendment rights of citizens from specified states? As former NFL player Keshawn Johnson says on ESPN, “C’mon man.”

This is how the world turns with the liberal progressive left when it comes to THEIR agenda. They want same-sex marriage, so all states must comply — and you must realize, there has been no law specifying this, SCOTUS does not make law, only Congress passes legislation by which it is signed into law by the president.

It’s funny, because states grant marriage licenses yet the SCOTUS tells them whom to marry. The Constitution specifies the right to keep and bear arms and that it shall not be infringed, but many states, and cities, do infringe.

So will the SCOTUS now rule in favor of gun owners using the 14th Amendment “equal protection under the law” clause? Folks, you can’t have it both ways, ya know. So law-abiding citizens from the aforementioned states who’ve done the right thing according to the law are now being told by another state, “phooey.”

Kinda like when a GOP Congressional staffer criticized President Obama’s daughters last Thanksgiving regarding their lack of enthusiasm for the pardoning ceremony, she was viciously attacked by the left, and fired. A Washington Post cartoonist draws pictures depicting Senator Ted Cruz’s daughters as monkeys and well, that’s “fair game.” Imagine if those girls were black?

So redefining the system of federalism and the Constitution to accommodate same-sex marriage is fine. But a state redefining the Second Amendment and the definition “shall not be infringed” is just hunky dory. So states cannot take a stand on same-sex marriage, but they can take a stand on gun ownership. Ain’t that just a daisy?

Well, I think there just may be a class action lawsuit in the waiting against the Virginia Attorney General. And why is this all of a sudden an issue folks? It would appear these “standards” have been in place for awhile and do we have any anecdotal evidence that someone from a state with “lesser” standards has committed a crime in Virginia?

It just seems that McAuliffe is doing the bidding of Obama and Clinton and this is just another backdoor venture to subvert the Second Amendment. After all, “Lars Dalseide, a spokesman for the National Rifle Association, said concealed handgun reciprocity agreements between states have ended before, but his organization is unaware of another state ever implementing a change of this magnitude.” So, I have a new motivation to get my Texas CCL, my Florida CCL is no longer an good in Virginia – as a matter of fact, my money is now no longer any good in Virginia.

Let me close by reminding Virginia Governor McAuliffe and Attorney General Herring the quotes of some Virginians about gun ownership:

“A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined…”
– George Washington, First Annual Address, to both House of Congress, January 8, 1790

“The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
– Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria), 1774-1776

“To disarm the people…[i]s the most effectual way to enslave them.”
– George Mason, referencing advice given to the British Parliament by Pennsylvania governor Sir William Keith, The Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adooption of the Federal Constitution, June 14, 1788

And just to make sure of one thing, if Attorney General Herring ever travels to one of the states he’s refused mutual agreement, he’d best not travel with armed security from Virginia.

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