WOW: Look who’s considering a challenge to Trump for 2016

As Trump shows no signs of slowing down — with each “gaffe” that will “end his campaign” only propelling him further — the hands of Trump-haters continue to wring. We’ve heard rumors of GOP establishment contingency plans should Trump be the nominee — and even that some big names might back Queen Hillary instead of Trump.

And now, one former GOP presidential candidate says he’s being encouraged to jump into the race to counter Trump.

Via USA Today:

Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, who unsuccessfully sought the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, says he’s getting “a lot” of encouragement to launch another White House bid from Republicans concerned about the prospect of Donald Trump as the 2016 GOP nominee.

This time, to run as an independent.

“I always want to help my country where I can, but you don’t want to embark on a suicide mission,” he told Capital Download. “I’m not ready for a third-party run until we have a complete collapse of the Republican Party that I can still believe in.”

Complete collapse of the Republican Party he can still believe in? These days, that might not be as far off as one might imagine. Topped off recently by the shameful Omnibus spending bill past last week — which is being applauded solely by Democrats.

But some folks are already chiming in to voice their discouragement for the idea of a Huntsman third-party bid.

Via Twitchy:

USA Today is reporting that fear of Donald J. Trump winning the GOP nomination has failed 2012 GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman contemplating a third-party run as a failed 2016 presidential candidate:

Does anyone really think this is a good idea?


Neither can we.

It’s hard to imagine how a third-party bid from Jon Huntsman or anyone else, for that matter, will do anything other than hand the election to the Democrats. But this talk is just another sign of how desperate Trump-haters are becoming.

So, what say you, dear readers? I have a feeling I know the answer… but love to hear your comments nonetheless!

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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