New report says If ISIS is destroyed, we may have an even BIGGER problem

At the Democrat presidential debate Saturday evening, Hillary Clinton declared “we are where we need to be with ISIS in Syria.” Of course, her blathering comment has been walked all the way back to Katmandu. But we all know what she was talking about. It wasn’t just about a U.N. Resolution — like that would matter anyway.

By the way, did y’all hear about the next Democrat debate? It’s on a Sunday, competing against the NFL playoffs.

Lest I digress, what is REALLY happening in Syria? Because it certainly appears Mrs. Clinton hasn’t a clue.

As reported by the Daily Mail, “A total of 15 jihadi groups are waiting in the wings to replace ISIS in Syria a think tank backed by former Prime Minister Tony Blair will report tomorrow [Tuesday].

The jihadi groups have a total of 65,000 fighters in Syria that are poised to fill the vacuum should ISIS be defeated, according to The Sunday Times. In the report, which has been seen by Mail Online, the authors find that some of the groups have designs on attacking the West, with the number one group named as Jabhat al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate.

It warns that British and coalition attacks on ISIS could be a ‘strategic failure’ if it overlooks other groups operating in the country and that sixty per cent of rebel groups are ‘Islamist Extremists’.

Jabhat al Nusra already controls a significant amount of territory in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib and imposed strict Islamic law having fought local rebel groups as well as forces loyal to President Assad. The groups listed are all salafis, a strictly conservative branch of Islam and according to the report, are driven by ‘Salafi-jihadism’.

The current focus on the military defeat of ISIS does not consider the other groups in Syria [and around the world] with exactly the same global ideology and ambitions. Our study of 48 rebel factions in Syria revealed that 33 per cent – nearly 100,000 fighters – follow the same ideology as ISIS. If you also take into account Islamist groups (those who want a state governed by Islamic law), this figure jumps to 60 per cent.”

Just for your edification there are several sects or theocratic doctrines in Islam — Wahabbism, Sufism, Deobandism, and the aforementioned Salafism. But never fear folks, Hillary Clinton told us we have them right where we want them in Syria.

Sadly, it takes someone from outside America to state what many of us have known: Sunni Islamism is rampant in Syria, and isn’t just fighting against Assad, but also against those factions Obama has supplied.

So let me ask this question: if what former Prime Minister Blair’s think tank, Centre on Religion and Geopolitics, reports is true, then what is the land mass controlled by Islamic jihadists in the Middle East? Herein lies the problem — we are so narrowly focused that we’ve failed to recognize the greater issue, the growth of Islamic jihadism and terrorism.

We focused on al-Qaida; they’re still around. We focused on the Taliban; they just killed six American troops. Now we focus on ISIS, while the global jihad expands — and we have no strategy.

As a matter of fact, President Obama believes we just need to listen to him , stop paying attention to the media or his skin color and this would all be ok. And even worse, Obama believes shutting down GITMO is a key part of our counterterrorism strategy.

I think we need to remember al-Qaida in Iraq was defeated. The shortsighted, politically-driven decision not to leave a residual force in Iraq allowed two things to happen. First, al-Qaida in Iraq reconstituted as the group Jabhat al-Nusra, also known as al-Nusra Front.
However, when al-Nusra was deemed not brutal enough, a splinter group arose, which we now know as ISIS. And so when we dropped off those 50 some-odd trained “Syrian rebels,” it wasn’t ISIS that eliminated them…it was one of these Sunni Salafist jihadist groups. Furthermore, the Obama administration has disregarded the aid and comfort given to this enemy by countries such as Turkey and Qatar – the same location of the five Taliban senior leaders released by Obama in exchange for deserter Bergdahl.

Here are the other Sunni Islamist groups in Syria:

– Jabhat al-Nusra Founded: January 2012 Leader: Abu Muhammad al-Golani Where: Idlib and Aleppo provinces Suspected number of fighters: 10,000

– Ahrar al-Sham Founded: December 2011 Where: Idlib, Aleppo, Damascuz, Deraa and Quneitra Suspected number of fighters: 15,000

– Jaish al-Islam Founded: Summer 2011 Leader: Zahran Alloush Where: Arsal (Lebanon), Damascus city and province, Homs province, Latakia province Suspected number of fighters: 17,000

– Liwa al-Umma Founded: April 2012 Where: Hama province Suspected number of fighters: 6,000

Did y’all notice a very interesting tidbit on these groups? They all arose after the drawdown of U.S. troops in Iraq. The simple law of physics — nature abhors a vacuum — something will fill it.

Now the critical question is this, what are the intentions of these groups? Blair’s report already states that these groups share the same vision and ideology as ISIS. If that be the case, then we certainly aren’t where we need to be in Syria. I couldn’t care less about Assad’s existence, what is the immediate concern is the proliferation of Islamist groups and the expansion of territory held under their savage and barbaric control. And remember Hillary Clinton once called Assad a great reformer, so don’t act strange if I don’t focus on Assad.

Here’s what’s happening strategically at the hands of Sunni islamic jihadists — they are systematically destroying secular leadership in the Muslim world, especially in the Middle East and centered on Syria. They have been enabled by the Obama administration – they had Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood under Morsi, supported by President Obama. And based on the facts and the reality on the ground, Barack Obama has single-handedly given rise to Sunni Islamic jihadism and Iranian hegemony. I wish I could explain this, but only the history books will be able to reveal what happened under this administration.

We are not where we need to be in Syria, unless you are Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the progressive socialists who are allied with the Islamo-fascists. Then, and only then, does any of this make sense.

And what makes even more sense is not allowing Hillary Clinton in the White House to continue the policies of Barack Obama to depose secular leadership in the Middle East, just to be replaced by the cacophony of jihadists.


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