Hillary just won an award conservatives are CHEERING

Many of us have been saying this for some time now, and now it’s official. According to non-partisan government watchdog group The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton not only tops the list of worst ethics violators, she’s in a “league of her own.”

Via The Daily Caller:

A government watchdog group has released a list of eight politicians it considers Washington, D.C.’s  worst ethics violators, but Hillary Clinton is in a “league of her own.”

The group, The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), has filed four requests with various federal agencies to investigate apparent conflicts-of-interest involving Clinton, the Democratic party’s presidential front-runner.

“During her time as Secretary of State, overwhelming evidence shows, primarily through the State Department’s release of her emails, that she abused her official position,” FACT’s report reads.

The group, which is non-partisan but receives funding from conservative groups, recently filed a complaint with the Office of Governmental Ethics asking it to investigate Clinton over a possible conflict-of-interest involving her son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky.

As The Daily Caller first reported earlier this month, the latest batch of Clinton’s State Department emails includes a May 25, 2012 message to Mezvinsky from one of his former Goldman Sachs colleagues, Harry Siklas. Siklas wrote to Mezvinsky that he wanted to meet with Clinton to discuss a company he and Goldman Sachs had invested in called Neptune Minerals.

Goldman Sachs has donated heavily to Clinton’s campaign and to her family foundation. Clinton appeared open to setting up a meeting. She asked one of her aides to follow up on the inquiry.

FACT has asked other federal agencies to investigate the Clinton campaign’s dealings, including asking:

  • The IRS to look into a $350,000 payment the Clinton Foundation made to Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign for an email list of potential donors.
  • The Federal Election Commission to investigate whether Clinton’s campaign illegally obtained an email list of 4 million names from the pro-Clinton super PAC, Ready for Hillary.
  • The Senate Select Committee on Ethic to look into an April meeting of Senate Democrats Clinton campaign aides attended, which appears to have violated rules against using Senate space for campaign activity and fundraising.

Seven other politicians — four Democrats and three Republicans — made FACT’s list. The Democratic violators include Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, Delaware Sen. Tom Carper, and Joe Sestak, a failed Senate candidate from Pennsylvania.

Republicans who made the list are New Hampshire Rep. Frank Guinta, North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, and North Carolina Rep. Robert Pittenger.

“Elected officials are sent to Washington to follow and uphold the law and so they need to be held to the highest standard of ethics. Even the appearance of impropriety can quickly erode public trust, and Mrs. Clinton is in a league of her own,” said Matthew Whitaker, FACT’s executive director, in a statement.

“We will continue to vigorously hold the lantern over unethical behavior so that we have a government that serves the public’s interest, not the self-interests of leaders who think they are beyond reproach.”

Sadly, from the looks of the Democrat polls for presidential nominee, it would appear Queen Hillary is beyond reproach. But we’ll never stop doing our best to hold her accountable. It’s a travesty to think of someone with her record of self-interested, unethical behavior and monarchical attitude — not to mention blood on her hands — holding the highest office in the land.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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