Here’s why the media won’t report the REAL reason for Hillary’s debate break

Remember when liberals attacked Romney for being completely unrelatable to ordinary Americans?

The only thing more painful is someone who tries to be relatable – and Hillary has a long list of fails.

In a bizarre attempt at her own southern strategy, Hillary often fakes a southern accent when speaking in front of southern audiences.

To relate to the struggling middle class, Clinton recalled the story of how her and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House. That claim didn’t pan out too well when the fact-checkers reminded us that the Clinton’s had purchased a seven-bedroom $2.85 million house as they were leaving the White House.

The list could go on much, much longer.

So if your perception was that Clinton is struggling worse than Mitt Romney to attempt to be an “ordinary American,” you were right.

We all saw during last Saturday’s debate when Hillary returned late to the stage after a presumed bathroom break. And by “we all,” I mean the twelve people who watched the Democratic debate.

I never expected actually to be writing about this, but the explanation of why she returned late is too elitist not to share:

The Daily Wire reported that:

Queen Hillary Clinton is much too important and high-class to use a public restroom. This was perfectly illustrated during the deliberately buried Saturday night Democratic debate where the frontrunner can been seen strolling in late to her empty podium on live TV.

The spin-media and many Democrats have turned this into some sort of an endearing “only women can understand” moment, but it turns out that that’s all just gender politics. The truth is, Clinton can’t handle using a shared public restroom.

The Boston Globe has reported that a sole women’s restroom, with multiple stalls, was available for the presidential candidate to use. Apparently, a woman from the O’Malley campaign beat Hillary to one of the stalls, apparently making the restroom unacceptable to Clinton. She was unwilling to use an unoccupied restroom stall because someone else happened to be in the restroom. 

The mainstream media is intent on protecting Hillary. The New York Times tried to explain away Hillary’s absence by the fact that she only had a little under two minutes to use the bathroom during the break, but completely excluded the fact that she refused to share it with anyone.

Do you really think if the same thing happened to Mitt Romney in the 2012 election he would’ve been given the same treatment?

[Note: This post was written by the Analytical Economist]

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