Faux #BlackLivesMatter activist BUSTED big time

It hasn’t been a good year for Shaun King, the male Rachel Dolezal.

So far it’s been revealed that a charity for which the prominent #blacklivesmatter activist and social justice writer for the New York Daily News has been raising money since 2013 was never actually created.

Another lie revealed from King’s past was his claim that he was the victim of an anti-black hate crime in Kentucky in 1995. The police report and detective investigation into the alleged incident found no evidence for the claim. Probably in part because King is white.

Fraud and lies aside, there’s been a bit of hypocrisy too. King, who has openly attacked gun owners was fired from his job at Morehouse College in 2006 for, you guessed it, brandishing a firearm. People also dug up a tweet from 2010 where King posted about having fun with his friends at a gun range. He has since deleted 70,000 of his past tweets.

And to conclude the year – we now have Shaun King, plagiarist.

As Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller reports:

New York Daily News writer Shaun King has been called out for plagiarism after he copied a blog post verbatim and posted it on his massively popular Facebook page without giving attribution to its true author.

In a post on King’s Facebook page on Sunday, Carlos Miller, who operates the blog “Photography Is Not A Crime,” wrote: “Shaun King, please link to my article if you are going to cut and paste my article into your FB post. I’m sure as a writer, you understand.”

King has a huge Facebook following of more than 184,000 users. That fan base generates tons of traffic for his posts at The Daily News, where King reportedly earns a six-figure salary.

In his article, Miller detailed a video recently released by the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department showing deputies shooting 23-year-old Noel Aguilar in the back while he was on the ground.

King copied Miller’s blog post word by word and passed it on to his followers as his own.


The original blog post that King plagiarized can be found here.

It’s not even Christmas yet and King has been the gift that keeps on giving. Who knows what awaits us in 2016.

[Note: This article was written by The Analytical Economist]


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