Michelle Obama tweets “Star Wars” message; watch why it BACKFIRES big time

Remember the infamous “latte salute” President Obama gave a Marine “corpse man” when deplaning from Air Force One? Well, now the First Lady, Michelle Obama gets her chance to disrespect our Marines.

Per BizPac Review, “On Saturday Michelle Obama tweeted a video of “Star Wars” character R2-D2‘s arrival at the White House and the video had people up in arms.

Not because the White House has apparently become a promotional machine for Hollywood’s latest blockbuster but because a U.S. Marine had to hold the door open for the character. This on the same day the president ended a press conference by declaring he couldn’t take anymore questions because he had to see the movie. It’s tough to imagine something more disrespectful than having a Marine who puts his life on the line for his fellow citizens being made to play doorman to a make-believe character.”

Naturally, twitter blew up with comments.


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