Hillary makes outrageous claim about Trump and ISIS during debate; Trump RESPONDS

More than a third of Americans support Donald Trump’s call to temporarily halt Muslim immigration to the United States until our vetting process is strengthened, but that didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from bashing his “bluster and bigotry” on the subject and making one helluva claim in last night’s debate.

As The Blaze reports, “Hillary Clinton claimed at Saturday night’s Democratic debate that the Islamic State is showing videos of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump to potential fighters as a way to recruit.

“He is becoming ISIS’ best recruiter,” she said at the New Hampshire debate. “They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims to recruit more radical jihadists.”

“No evidence was offered by Clinton on stage to support the claim.

Naturally, Trump didn’t stay silent for long.


Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill responded to an inquiry from The Blaze by pointing to comments made by SITE Intelligence Group director Rita Katz who told NBC News the terror group was drawing on Trump’s rhetoric to recruit. Katz’s comments, however, included no mention of the Islamic State showing potential recruits video of Trump. A tweet from a “very vocal ISIS supporter” was also sent by Merrill to The Blaze, but neither the tweet or article it linked to included anything to support the video claim.

An online search did not return any results that would support Clinton’s video assertion either.”

Right…so never mind the weather, Donald Trump is now to blame for the rise of ISIS. Taking steps to protect American citizens and prevent another San Bernardino-type attack in this nation do nothing but actually INCREASE the threat. But that’s liberal logic – which as I’ve mentioned before, is an oxymoron, emphasis on “moron.”

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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