Yes, I’m upset… Will I leave the GOP after this week’s embarrassment?

The Republican party made the case that if they had control of Congress, they’d set this country back on track to being a constitutional republic. However, their continued displays of acquiescence and abject surrender to President Obama and the liberal progressives of the Democrat party reached a zenith with this week’s Omnibus spending bill. The Democrats came out and mocked the Republicans, stating that they couldn’t have done better if they were in control — and even exceeded their desires. They actually congratulated the Republicans. Unbelievable.

The Republicans continue to say, we will stop this, but never do. They say, we will make this stand, but give up before the confrontation even begins. And please, do not lecture me about “compromise,” where was that when the Democrats held Congress in Obama’s first two years? I completely understand governing, but it has to be based upon principles.

Compromising just to appease the D.C. political class and the complicit, characterless liberal progressive media doesn’t garner respect. And that’s where the Republicans find themselves, disrespected. What we saw Friday was the arrogance of Barack Obama, standing in defiance and recognizing the results of the 2014 midterm elections mean nothing. He still gets his way. Even Bill Clinton pivoted after his 1994 midterm election crash, and a principled GOP majority gave us a balanced budget, a budget surplus and welfare reform. The GOP this week added to the deficit. And being afraid of a “government shutdown,” the last one resulted in only 17% of the federal government deemed non-essential. Guess what 17% of the federal government is not needed.

But the GOP’s Pavlovian response when the words “government shutdown” are uttered has resulted in a failed lame duck president acting as an American version of Il Duce, Benito Mussolini.

As reported by Fox News:

President Obama doubled down Friday on his push to shutter the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, calling it a magnet for “jihadi recruitment” and vowing to present his closure plan to Congress — while keeping his cards close to the vest on whether he’d try to use executive action to finish the job. 

The president addressed his plans at a year-end press conference at the White House, before heading to Hawaii for his annual family vacation. With the Guantanamo push standing as a major piece of unfinished business going into his final year in office, Obama was asked about his strategy. 

Obama said he’ll present Congress with his plan, and argued that the camp remains one of the “key magnets for jihadi recruitment.” 

“For us to close it is part of our counterterrorism strategy,” Obama said.

As he spoke to the press, his Defense Department is said to be moving a plan to potentially transfer another 17 inmates out of the facility – part of the effort to reduce the number of detainees at the camp as much as possible.

The president, though, faces deep resistance from some in Congress over the final closure plan, and particularly the expectation that the administration will try to bring any inmates who cannot be transferred or released elsewhere to the U.S. mainland.

Obama does not have the constitutional authority to take this action. As well, his own law, signed by his hand, precludes him from doing such — but why not, when the GOP is an emasculated group with no leadership? So, Obama knows he can make such an insidious statement and not a single person in the GOP will counter him. Where’s Paul Ryan? Perhaps he’s pruning his new beard. And Mitch McConnell, what say you Sir, perhaps you’re just waiting for an opportunity to sip whiskey with Obama.

This is why people are angry. This is why Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz, has all but sealed his nomination for the GOP presidency, because no one will entrust the GOP establishment crew with their electoral patronage. I know I shall not.

And where was Senator Marco Rubio for this vote? The American people are looking for someone who will fight. That means they’re not paying attention to the normal political speak and couldn’t care less about hearing policy positions — which does concern me. They’re just looking for anyone who’s not part of the problem, and the GOP establishment is deemed part of the problem.

President Obama can come out with no strategy to confront Islamic jihadism and protect the American people. Where’s the countering voice? Doggone, Paul Ryan doesn’t want to be bothered on the weekend — how convenient. Yes, I’m upset, because there are those of us who stood on freedom’s ramparts to defend this country. We’re watching it all be surrendered. And now we know Obama’s going to promote more stringent gun control in his final year. He only feels he can do that because he has no loyal opposition — just appeasers.

I’ve never seen a bigger group of defeatists in my life. Yes, I was there and recall the countless times I had to hear, “this is not the fight, the real fight is coming.” I must deliver a message to the GOP: you’ve shown the American people you have no fight in you. The consequences of this week’s Omnibus bill will be felt far into next year, in primary elections and in the general election. There will be the noise emanating from the progressive socialist left that the Republican party is being taken over by “right-wing extremists.” That’s just more Alinsky fear mongering and we’re not listening. The real extremists are Obama and his minions and we need a group of dedicated patriots willing to make the stand for this republic.

And I’m very familiar with the GOP establishment and what they’ll do to someone who threatens them. I know how many fundraisers I attended on behalf of my colleagues. I know how much money I raised for candidates who are now members of Congress, and I’m disappointed with those supported by the Guardian Fund who voted for this Omnibus bill. However, I won’t be discouraged because my oath is to the Constitution and the American people. Therefore, I’ll fight harder and recommit myself even stronger.

I am a constitutional conservative, a classical liberal, but the political party to which I belong embarrassed themselves this week. Will I leave the GOP? Nope, I’ll get this fixed, regardless of these behind-the-scenes folks with money who feel they are in control — message to y’all, you ain’t!


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