No joke: What Yale students just signed up to ban is downright SCARY

Yale’s student body can’t seem to stop publicly embarrassing the university’s reputation.

Last October, Yale’s associate headmaster sent out an email stating students shouldn’t be overly sensitive about “controversial” Halloween costumes. Controversial is in quotation marks, as the list of controversial costumes includes Native American Indian, Geisha and Caitlyn Jenner. The email incurred the wrath of Yale senior Jerelyn Luther, who publicly berated the headmaster in a rant that’s garnered nearly 1.2 million views on Youtube, with well over 90% negative feedback — and quickly earned her the moniker Yale’s “shrieking college student.”

One of the more memorable lines was when she told the headmaster that his job was “not about creating an intellectual space.” At Yale.

As insane as Luther’s behavior seems to anyone who watched the video, her views are hardly alien on the Yale campus.

In the latest Ivy League embarrassment, filmmaker and media personality Ami Horowitz was able to collect 50 signatures for a petition to repeal the First Amendment — in under an hour. Obviously we only see what a video maker wants in their final product – but how many people could’ve refused to sign if she was able to collect 50 signatures in under an hour?

Who exactly would repealing the First Amendment help? Precious snowflakes from being offended or having their feelings hurt?

Who knows, but it goes to show that liberals will rally behind literally any cause they’re presented with.

[Note: This article was written by The Analytical Economist]

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