Boom: Newt Gingrich just said EXACTLY what the GOP establishment doesn’t want to hear….

Despite Donald Trump’s continued upward momentum in the GOP primary polls — indicative of the clear anger many Americans are feeling about the state of our country’s leadership — the so-called GOP establishment continues to wish away Trump and make contingency plans in the (horrific!) event of a Trump primary win.

So those establishment folks may not like what former Speaker of the House and GOP thinker Newt Gingrich just had to say about Donald Trump. And what the establishment needs to figure out — and fast.

Hat tip to The Right Scoop:

The Newtinator was on Fox News to try to explain his contention that el Trumpo is actually a big asset for the GOP.

Watch below:

In addition to daring to call the outsider who’s turning the GOP upside-down an “asset,” Gingrich speaks frankly about the truth the GOP establishment seemingly continues to ignore.

“Look at the size of the crowds he’s drawing, and look at who’s showing up,” Gingrich says. “He is reaching high-school graduates, who are workers, at a level of maybe no Republican, including Reagan.”

“You have have to at least try to figure out, what’s the phenomenon here? What’s going on, because the American public is allowed to pick somebody the Washington elites may not understand. And the job is for the Washington elites to understand the country, not for the country to give into the Washington elites.”


“There is something happening there that is very real… they had all better take a serious look at this. Because it’s not about Trump. It’s about millions of Americans who’ve decided that they don’t want anyone with traditional experience. They want to take a gamble on somebody new.”

And after yesterday’s Omnibus bill debacle, which earned giddiness from Democrats and outrage from Republicans, this willingness to take a gamble on somebody new — anyone BUT the establishment — has only been amplified.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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