What the FBI director just said about TERROR attacks may cost him his job

President Obama went to the Counterterrorism Center (CTC) yesterday in his Phase Two photo-op tour before jetting off to Hawaii for his Christmas vacay. And just so you know what the phases are, well, Phase One was the Pentagon show and the final phase will be his insensitive drive-by to San Bernardino on his way to Hawaii.

Dare we expect the president to go out of his way to console the families who lost loved ones? How nice of Obama to fit them into his flight plan. So at the CTC, Obama once again told us there was no credible terrorist threat to our homeland — yep, and ISIS is contained. Well, how interesting that Obama would make such a declaration when FBI Director James Comey was also making a very interesting declaration.

As reported by Fox News, “The semantic dance of whether or not to call the July mass shooting in Chattanooga a “terrorist” attack appears to be winding down.

FBI Director James Comey twice called the deadly Chattanooga shooting that killed four Marines and one sailor a “terror attack” during a press conference with NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton on Wednesday.

Bratton and Comey spoke after addressing the NYPD Shield Conference in New York City. “We’ve investigated Chattanooga as a terror attack from the beginning,” Comey said. “The Chattanooga killer was inspired by a foreign terror organization. It’s hard to entangle which particular source…there are lots of competing poisons out there.”

That response came as Comey was asked to clarify an earlier statement in which he linked the root cause of the July 16 rampage by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Kuwait, to the recent Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino.”

So it took from July 16 to December 16 for the FBI to openly address the shooting in Chattanooga for what it is — an Islamic terror attack. Will there be a deeper investigation about the potential of Islamic terror cells in the East Tennessee region? And what about the family of young Abdulazeez? Is it just like the family of Syed Farook — they knew nothing and he was a very nice kid? Sorry folks, but there will come a point when consequences must be clear for the families of these Islamic jihadists.

So add another Islamic terror attack to President Barack Obama’s resume and legacy. I wonder if he’ll have an exhibit in his library to honor all those killed by Islamic terror attacks on his watch?

Now, let me ask some questions here. Since we’ve finally declared Chattanooga an Islamic terror attack, what about Little Rock, Arkansas? Remember, that was where one Islamic jihadist named Carlos Bledsoe, who had traveled to Yemen and Somalia for terrorist training and back into America, shot two Soldiers, killing one. If we are now classifying what Abdulazeez did in Chattanooga as a terrorist attack, then what separates what Bledsoe did in firing on Soldiers at the Army recruiting office? And the U.S. Navy made the decision that those killed or wounded in Chattanooga are now eligible for the Purple Heart — will the same happen for Little Rock, Arkansas? Remember, Bledsoe admitted to being a “soldier for Allah” so he wasn’t trying to hide his actions.

So if Chattanooga was a terror attack, what do we make of the attack at the University of California, Merced? Anyone remember that one from early November? Let me jar your memory. Eighteen-year-old Faisal Muhammad stabbed four people before he was shot dead by law enforcement officers. Of course we’re being told he was just an angry and disgruntled student, mad because he’d been kicked out of a study group. There’ve been reports that little Faisal was on the terrorist watch list and had printed out ISIS propaganda. Now, based on what President Obama stated, we should have background checks on knives — if the kid was on a terror watch list.

Remember how we were told early on that Abdulazeez’s actions were those of an upset young man, potentially due to drug use or alcohol? As Keshawn Johnson says on ESPN, “c’mon man.” When are we going to get serious and stop playing these PC games with the lives of Americans?

You want to know why Donald Trump is successful in this presidential primary? He is the antithesis to the weakness of Barack Obama. And the American people are angry, on edge, anxious, nervous, and yes, scared. No amount of political optics like briefings and speeches at the Pentagon, or boilerplate assertions at the CTC are going to remedy the concerns of the American public — well, the portions that aren’t Obamapologists or Islamapologists.

Oops, I forgot one. Anyone remember the two women, one beheaded and another nearly, at their workplace in Moore, Oklahoma? Yeah, that was an angry employee too, just workplace violence.

You know what the liberal progressives will say, West is fear-mongering again. Nah, I’m just telling the truth about what’s happened, who’s been doing it and why they’re doing it. Why is that so difficult for everyone else?

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