Ouch: Taliban had very SPECIAL nickname for Bowe Bergdahl

He was described as having served with “honor and distinction” by Susan Rice, and his parents were feted in the Rose Garden with the president at their side, but deserter Bowe Bergdahl was given a rather more appropriate nickname by his Taliban buddies.

A podcast called “Serial” has been featuring the (mis)adventures of Berdahl this season. This week’s episode featured an interview with members of the Taliban involved in Bergdahl’s capture.

As Independent Journal Review reports, Narrator Sarah Koenig spoke to Taliban member Mujaheed Rahman who told her:

“A dead soldier was worth nothing, but he was captured alive…He was like a golden chicken…he was worth maybe 5,000 men.”

That’s right. They referred to Bowe Bergdahl as a “golden chicken.”

Rahman continued, explaining that they couldn’t believe their luck:

“We were blessed…a ready made loaf; a gift from god.”

Yes, he truly was a gift. While Bergdahl wasn’t worth exactly 5,000 men, he was worth five – five of the highest-ranking Taliban henchman, a great prize indeed. Yep, our president, B. Hussein Obama traded five terrorists for a “golden chicken.”

And with any luck, this chicken will be court-martialed and spend the rest of his life “cooped up” in jail.

[Note: This article was written finger-lickin’ good by Michele Hickford]

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