Michael Moore proves once again why he should probably move to another country

Uber-liberal, plus-sized filmmaker Michael Moore never misses an opportunity to “diss” America and capitalism – the two things which have made him fabulously wealthy and apparently guarantee an endless supply of pancakes and waffles.

So of course, Moore had to “weigh in” (presumably on an industrial scale) on Donald Trump’s comments regarding restricting Muslim immigration to this nation until we have improved our vetting process.

Moore took to the streets of New York City with his trademark baseball cap to stand in front of Trump HQ with a homemade sign saying “We are all Muslim.”


Well, it’s nice of him to offer that message of brotherly love during the Christmas season – although I highly doubt there’s any Christian warmth behind his gesture.

However I’m also not sure Muslims will welcome Michael Moore’s support, given their aversion to pork.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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