Governments releases official tally of criminal illegal alien arrests; it’s MIND-BLOWING

Public employees are fired or laid off at a rate 71 percent lower than that of private sector workers. In other words, as one writer for the Foundation for Economic Education puts it, “Nobody quits and you can’t get fired.” ( Any of us who’ve been to the DMV know this isn’t because government employees are better workers than the rest of us.

So lets look at what the government considers to be a success – this time on the issue of immigration.

Setting aside its failure to stem the swelling illegal immigrant population, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is instead patting itself on the back over its “success” in arresting “criminal illegal aliens” – a phrase used to describe illegals who’ve committed non-immigration related crimes.

Clarification needs to be given since the phrase “criminal illegal aliens” is oxymoronic. Or perhaps to express it in politically correct terms, “non-law-abiding undocumented persons.”

As Brittany Hughs of the Media Research Center reported:

At a recent congressional hearing, ICE Director Sarah Saldaña testified there were about 179,000 “undocumented criminals with final orders of removal” loose in the United States. The director added between 30,000 and 40,000 of these criminals had been detained at some point, but were released by authorities because of legal restrictions on how long a criminal illegal alien can be held in custody.

But never fear! According to the agency’s website, ICE arrested a grand total of 39 illegal aliens who’d been convicted on a crime during a large-scale sting operation across West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware between Nov. 30 and Dec. 4. Included among these were 17 individuals arrested in the Philadelphia area, another six caught in Pittsburg, and seven apprehended in Charleston.

This, by the way, is 0.0002 percent of the “criminal” illegal alien population.

Here’s the math on how long it’ll take them to achieve their goal:

So if ICE apprehended 39 criminal aliens in 5 days, that clocks in at about 7.8 aliens per day. If the agency continued this torrid pace day after day after day, it would take them almost 63 years to apprehend all 179,000 of the criminal aliens we have on our streets today.

If I could get away with doing 0.0002 percent of my job I’d be writing 0.25 articles a year. Maybe I should seek employment in government after all…

[Note: This article was written by The Analytical Economist]

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