I pray what’s happening with Los Angeles schools is an overreaction, but…

We should all be aware by now of the shutting down of the second largest school district in the United States, Los Angeles Unified Schools. It’s early and there’s still a lack of full and complete information. Let us pray this is not as serious as it could be and that the children and families in Los Angeles are safe and secure.

However, if this is our worse nightmare coming true, here’s my assessment. If this is indeed a terrorist-related event, here’s my concern. San Bernadino was not an independent event/operation. The large cache of ammunition and IEDs evidences there was something bigger planned. There is the possibility that the Syed Farook residence was a logistical distribution point for others part of a bigger cell. If we were not concerned about a bigger cell, the FBI would not be interested in the electronic footprint of Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the latter it seems a declared female Islamic jihadist.

If there does exist a web of an Islamic terrorist cell in Southern California centered in Los Angeles/San Bernadino they have two courses of action. The first option is to go “black” (this is not a Rachel Dolezal reference — hopefully Melissa Harris-Perry does not castigate that as racist), meaning go deep under the radar and shut down communications and activities. That is tough because if the FBI can piece together the digital footprint left behind by Farook and Malik, it’s only a matter of time before they are found. The second option, the most dangerous, is that whatever plans this cell had developed, the execution timeline will be moved up due to the understanding the clock is ticking before they are found.

I know there are folks on the liberal progressive left who believe that white racist terrorism and guns are the most deadly threat to the United States. I pray what is happening in LA is an overreaction, but something tells me you do not shut down the second largest school district in America because of buying into fear mongering — see something, or hear something, and say something. This is no longer about deflecting to some ideological agenda like the weather or gun control. This is a serious issue, and we do not need a Beslan to happen in America.


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