These four DISGUSTING videos show why terror attacks in Israel will increase

The recent wave of terror in Israel probably won’t end anytime soon. Why? Take a look at the following four videos, all which promote killing Israelis. These videos are independent of the Palestinian Authority media, which has continued to encourage and glorify terror attacks since the wave of terror began. Hat tip to Palestinian Media Watch who ensures the West will understand the type of culture, which pervades Palestinian society.

The following video, from the Facebook page of the Jerusalem Intifada’s Young People Coalition, shows a little girl glorifying stabbing. She is asked:

Man: “What do you tell [Palestinian] youth in the West Bank?”
Girl demonstrates with a long knife: “Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!”

A staged video, on the Facebook page of Jabal Al-Mukebar, shows two “Jews” harassing Palestinian children who are playing in the street. In revenge, a young Palestinian ambushes them, stabs one and slits the throat of the other, killing them both.

Another video on the Facebook page of Gazan comedian and actor Rafat Shurrab, promotes stabbing of Jews and states that Israelis are “doomed to death.” The actor and singer who made and posted the video proclaims: “I stab a Zionist… I take revenge because I am a Palestinian Muslim.” In the video he “performs” a stabbing attack, killing a “Jew.”

Under the headline “Knock on Heaven’s door with the head of a Jew,” Gazan singer, Osama Issa Al-Nashar, posted a video on his Facebook page that shows scenes from real stabbing attacks. The singer encourages “the West Bank man” to: “Stab! Stab! … Cut, tear apart… Resist,” and continues:

“Make volcanoes of war erupt at the front line,
shower the humiliated Jews with fire
Let fear come down on them, and let death come for them in a flash
Children of Zion, tell of the swords that were openly plunged in you
Your necks and heads, your buses and soldiers have tasted the taste of a stabbing ambush!”


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