[GRAPHIC]: Latest ISIS propaganda snuff film hits new low in barbarism

The ISIS monsters, adept at social media, now demonstrate their murderous skill with mobile phone technology.

In their latest propaganda snuff film, a jihadi executes two men by detonating a bomb planted underneath them with a mobile phone.

As the Daily Mail reports, “Filmed in Syria, the shocking footage shows the moment the masked jihadi pulls out his mobile phone and presses a single button to detonate the concealed explosives.

A third captive was forced to watch the horrific ordeal which allegedly took place in Damascus province.

The two victims were members of the rebel group Sham al-Rasoul Brigade, which have been fighting against the brutal jihadi group in Syria.

Much of ISIS’s considerable wealth stems from its booming trade in oil, helping it to generate more than £325 million ($500 million), according to one US treasury official.

The ‘primary customer’ of ISIS’s considerable oil exports is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Adam Szubin told the BBC.

‘The two are trying to slaughter each other and they are still engaged in millions and millions of dollars of trade,’ he said.”

Truly, it makes no sense. But little going on in the world right now does – like President Obama not wanting to bomb ISIS tanker trucks carrying oil, which fuels their murder, for fear of causing “environmental damage.” And ISIS bombing towns and cities, and destroying centuries-old national heritage sites does not?

What am I missing – besides some courageous leadership in this nation?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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