New York Times claims end of the world is near; guess WHO they blame?

Just about everyone knows the New York Times has become to newspapers what MSNBC is to broadcast journalism (using the term very loosely.) The Times long ago abandoned any effort to even so much as appear objective in its reporting of news and events, especially so on its opinion-editorial pages. And when it comes to “toeing the company line” Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman is about as faithful a minion as can be found. Like Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, Krugman can be counted on to do nothing but side with the editorial board’s far left-leaning views on, well, everything.

Krugman has produced a column that’s outlandish by even his lofty standards and true to form, the New York Times editorial board saw fit to run it last Friday. What is Krugman claiming now? Only that Republicans will be responsible for the END OF THE WORLD.

In his column, which ran December 4th, Krugman says climate change will result in an Armageddon and the whole thing will be the fault of Republicans. Yes, according to Krugman, 301 people (the current number of Republicans in Congress) may single-handedly bring about the demise of planet Earth. Or at least mankind’s existence thereon.

The opening paragraphs of Krugman’s column:

“Future historians — if there are any future historians — will almost surely say that the most important thing happening in the world during December 2015 was the climate talks in Paris. True, nothing agreed to in Paris will be enough, by itself, to solve the problem of global warming. But the talks could mark a turning point, the beginning of the kind of international action needed to avert catastrophe.

Then again, they might not; we may be doomed. And if we are, you know who will be responsible: the Republican Party.”

Liberals of course are no strangers to the use of fear-mongering — from Joe Biden telling a gathering of blacks that Republicans want to, “Put y’all back in chains!” to now claiming they’ll usher in the end of ages. The tactic is nothing new but the severity of this new accusation is monumental. End the earth? Rhetoric this fantastic hasn’t been heard since the crew of the Pequod tried describing Moby Dick. A group of American legislators have this kind of power? The ability to destroy the Earth and life as we know it?!

Krugman proceeds to use the bulk of the column to paint Republicans as loons (not seeing his own irony), never really presents any data whatsoever only to conclude with, “I’d urge everyone outside the climate-denial bubble to frankly acknowledge the awesome, terrifying reality. We’re looking at a Party that has turned its back on science at a time when doing so puts the very future of civilization at risk. That’s the truth, and it needs to be faced head-on.”

To say these people are becoming rabid alarmists is to vastly understate the case. In his speeches at the Paris climate conference last week, President Obama warned the gathered leaders of “submerged countries, abandoned cities, fields that no longer grow and floods of desperate peoples seeking the sanctuary of nations not their own.”

Not to be outdone in the race to sound as kooky as possible, Democrat presidential nominee hopeful Bernie Sanders chimed in at CNN’s Democratic debate that climate change is our biggest national security threat, is directly related to ISIS/terrorism and will kill everyone.

Oh, and speaking of killing everyone…Krugman’s column appeared two days after two terrorists killed 14 and wounded 21 in San Bernardino. I don’t believe the temperature deviated from the seasonal average that day.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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