Whoa: Look what MSNBC just did to Trump mid-interview!!

Following Donald Trump’s announcement yesterday calling for complete and total shutdown” on Muslims entering the United States, the GOP presidential frontrunner is — once again — dominating the news cycle. And the predictable controversy surrounding Trump’s comments is leading to some pretty heated exchanges.

Like the one this morning on MSBNC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ where host Joe Scarborough resorted to going to a commercial break in an attempt to get control of his interview with Trump.

Via Breitbart:

When Trump was told he couldn’t keep talking by Scarborough but proceeded to talk anyway, Scarborough went to the commercial break.

Exchange as follows:

SCARBOROUGH: Alright, Donald

TRUMP: And Joe, one other thing–

SCARBOROUGH: No, no, no. You’ve got to let us ask questions, you can’t just talk. You got to let us ask question, you’re just talking.

TRUMP: I’m not just talking —

SCARBOROUGH: Donald, Donald, Donald, you’re not going to keep talking. We will go to break if you keep talking.

TRUMP: Alright, go to break then, Joe.


SCARBOROUGH: Alright, go to break everyone. Go to break right now. We’ll be right back with more “Morning Joe.”

Did you notice that Trump did stop talking — twice — but Scarborough missed it because as he continued talking over Trump.

After commercial, Scarborough resumed his interview with Trump.

Is this a case where if you don’t like the answer, just end the conversation? Certainly a standard liberal play. Can you imagine MSNBC — or any of the lamestream media, for that matter — doing the same to the Queen?

Also interesting to note Scarborough’s host, Mika Brzezinski’s, talking point suggesting we need the Muslim American community’s to “help fight the war on terror.” As we reported yesterday, our own FBI is telling us that the major Muslim institutions in our country have effectively done nothing to help since 9/11 — and in some cases, may be hindering the fight. Keep that in mind when you hear liberal talking points attacking Trump’s idea.

And while I may not agree with everything Trump is saying on this topic, I have to say, what’s unreasonable about putting a halt on immigration just “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on?” Actually seems kinda prudent, considering ISIS’ declaration that it is indeed using the refugee crisis to infiltrate; the FBI’s own admission that it CAN’T properly vet; and tragic proof in the form of Tashfeen Malik — the San Bernardino terrorist who cleared the vetting process while giving the Dept. of Homeland Security a fake address — to illustrate that last point.

As Trump reiterates again during this interview, this is a temporary move until we “get our hands around a very serious problem.” What’s the argument with that?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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