Father of San Bernardino shooter EXPOSES startling truth about family…

Now fearing for his own life, the father of San Bernardino shooter, 67-year-old Syed Farook, told the Italian newspaper La Stampa, that his own life in America is over.

But he also presented a complicated and fractured picture of his relationship with his now dead son, Syed Rizwan Farook, daughter-in-law Tashfeen Malik and his ex-wife.

The Daily Mail reports Mr Farook says he lived in a liberal Pakistani city before moving to the US and settling first in Chicago and claimed Rizwan was a momma’s boy and that his son and his ex-wife shared a mutual devotion to their faith.

He said that his younger son had sided against him with (ex-wife) Rafia, and that Rizwan had said his parents’ marriage must end after an argument about Jesus Christ where the future gunman called his father an ‘unbeliever’.

The 67-year-old said that he did not know whether his son had contact with terrorist suspects abroad, but said that it was possible with technology.

Farook’s father revealed his son supported ISIS, wanted the destruction of Israel and avoided socializing because of his strong religious views.

Mr Farook added that he tried to argue with his son that opposition to Israel was best done with politics rather than weapons, and became angry with his son after seeing that he had acquired a gun.

He said that he had never spoken to Tashfeen Malik, Rizwan Farook’s Pakistani-born wife. She reportedly did not speak to male relatives and began wearing a burqa after becoming more conservative about her Muslim faith several years ago.

Beyond geopolitical issues leading Rizwan Farook towards extremism, Mr, Farook admitted his own family had been fracturing in recent years.

Rizwan Farook’s mother Rafia, who lived with (Rizwan), has previously said that her ex-husband is an alcoholic, mentally ill and hit her, according to the New York Times.

Mr Farook denied the allegations.

Well, so much for this being a quiet, peace-loving family. No doubt there is even more to come…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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