This gun control meme will absolutely ENRAGE liberals

It’s time we have a discussion many may wish to avoid. Why is it that we’re talking about gun control after an Islamic terror attack? And here is my response to the assertion that anyone on the “no fly list” shouldn’t be able to purchase a gun. I agree, that’s a breakdown in the federal government system — but nothing to do with law-abiding American citizens’ Second Amendment right.

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And speaking of government failure, how was it that Tashfeen Malik, the female Islamic jihadist savage who participated in the killing of fourteen Americans, could have lied and provided a false address, and still be granted a visa? And we’re supposed to “trust” the federal government vetting process?

After 9-11 did we have a discussion about banning airline travel because the terrorists used airplanes? The strongest gun laws are in California and Chicago, not to mention Paris. And for those who want to use the “mass shootings” excuse — which means any shooting that affects three or more people — how many of these mass shootings are gang-related and isolated in the inner cities?

Inner cities where the governance has been under liberal progressive control for quite some time and the decimation of these communities are a root cause. We cannot conflate a crazed person who shot their mom and took guns to an elementary school, or a nutcase who shot up a movie theater with Islamic terrorism. And why, why would the New York Times for the first time since the 1920’s do a frontpage editorial on gun control?

Could it possibly be that the goals and objectives of progressive socialists are enabling Islamo-fascists and Islamists? Consider that liberal progressives find it rather difficult to even castigate the enemy as they claim to be, Islamic terrorists.

Go back to 2009 when President Obama stood before an audience at Cairo University and invited Muslim Brotherhood membership to be seated front and center. Why would President Obama pursue an agreement with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism? Why did President Obama not go to Paris after the Charlie Hebdo terror attack or the Friday 13th November Islamic terror attack that killed 130 and wounded nearly 300 in Paris — yet flew immediately for a climate change conference?

And now, here we are in America, after the largest Islamic terrorist attack since 9-11, with the previous largest terrorist attack since then in 2009 with Nidal Hasan at Ft Hood. And that terror attack is still classified by the Obama administration as “workplace violence” — something the liberal progressive left wanted to deem San Bernardino.

So why in the face of a blatant terrorist attack is the progressive socialist left talking about gun control? Do they want to make it easier for Islamic terrorists to have a plethora of soft targets to engage?

The Obama administration already wants to “demilitarize” our local law enforcement, who are the first lines of defense if we disarm our citizenry. Think about the Islamic terror attack in Chattanooga where a military recruiting center and naval reserve support facility were attacked — they had no means to defend themselves, just as in Ft. Hood. That goes back to a decree issued during the Clinton administration — and we want another Clinton in the White House?

Why is the left demanding more gun control and demonizing anyone who dissents with the idea of allowing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into America? The point being, ISIS has stated it will infiltrate into the ranks of these displaced persons and we have proof of that in the recent Paris Islamic terrorist attack. President Obama, Senator Harry Reid, and the liberal progressive left tells us the border is secure, then explain how it was that several Middle Eastern men were just picked up with pipes — especially, knowing that the home of Syed Farook was filled with pipe bombs. So why is the conversation about disarming the American people?

And combine this sentiment about gun control with the recent comments from U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch before a Muslim advocacy summit. Her greatest fear, her biggest concern, is about anti-Muslim speech which she articulated how she will take action to prevent.

In the aftermath of an Islamic terror attack, the response of the progressive left has been gun control, and from the Attorney General, suppressing free speech.

Is there any wonder why the American people don’t trust this current administration? But of greater concern is how does one not begin to believe liberal progressives are actually enabling Islamists to advance their agenda, their attacks against Western civilization and America.

The demented denigrating comments that will be hurled my way by progressive socialists on the left don’t concern me at all. That’s just another means by which they are enabling Islamists. The verbal assault and use of terms like “Islamophobia” can be attributed to the fact that some in San Bernardino kept their mouths shut and said nothing.

The left is displaying the greatest tool of fascism: suppression of open dissension by way of incessant attacks. The sad reality is that progressive leftists are creating a gap to be exploited by the Islamists. And the media has a clear hand in being complicit. Consider the recent CNN interview with the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) California representative who blamed Islamic terrorism on America. And the CNN reporter did not firmly challenge the words from a spokesperson of this group, associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest Islamic terrorist funding case in America, the Holy Land Foundation.

All that has been stated in this missive is fact. The only objective deduction is the progressive socialist left in America is enabling the Islamo-fascists. To respond to an Islamic terror attack where unarmed Americans were gunned down like sheep with cries of gun control is asinine. But even greater, it represents a dangerous delusional ideological agenda that only serves one purpose: to relegate the American citizen to the status of being a helpless, unsafe subject and a victim.

Our nation took a stand and fired the “shot heard ’round the world” when a tyrannical empire sought to disarm patriots. They met the enemy at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge and eventually won our freedom and liberty. When in 480 BC Leonidas and the Spartans stood in the gap of Thermopylae for freedom, tyranny demanded they be subjugated and called for them to lay down their weapons. Leonidas responded “molon labe.” Those two Greek words translate to “come and take.” Our American history is built upon those words.

The slogan was first used in 1778 at Ft. Morris in Georgia during the American Revolution. Those words were resurrected and made into a flag at the Battle of Gonzales in 1835 during the Texas Revolution.

My inner right forearm is tattooed with the words of Leonidas. And I am a native Georgian who now lives in Texas. Come and take it!


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