Leaked document reveals ISIS strategy to achieve WORLD DOMINATION in chilling detail…

ISIS has made no secret of its ultimate goal of expanding its caliphate and achieving world domination. Now, a leaked document reveals just how they plan to achieve this, complete with guidelines across areas such as education, natural resources, industry, diplomacy, propaganda and the military. The 24-page document, ‘Principles in the administration of the Islamic State,’ gives unprecedented insight into the well-funded regime.

Frankly, the document shows a lot more strategy and organization than some multi-national corporations I’ve worked with.

It’s chilling.

Via The Mirror:

A document outlining how ISIS organises the vast territory it controls has been unearthed – and the terror group is far more sophisticated than we feared.

The leaked dossier outlines how the terror group is trying to build a state complete with guidelines for education, natural resources, industry, diplomacy, propaganda and the military.

Written by an Egyptian called Abu Abdullah, outlines how kids must receive “training on bearing light arms”. Meanwhile, our government is trying to disarm us.

He also calls for a single identity for the terror group to unite both foreigners and locals and makes the case for establishing independent “factories for local military and food production”.

The report, which was obtained by the Guardian , shows an unprecedented level of sophistication.

Charlie Winter, a senior researcher for Georgia State University told the newspaper: “Far from being an army of irrational, bloodthirsty fanatics, IS (Islamic State) is a deeply calculating political organisation with an extremely complex, well-planned infrastructure behind it.”

Here are some of the guidelines the terror group has to overrun its enemies’ nations — including ours.


The Islamic State has attracted militants from all over the world – and with it the problems in culture and communication that brings.

They seek to create a single identity for the terror group to unite both foreigners and locals.

The document reads: “The announcement of the caliphate was the obligation that gathers those arriving in the land of jihad, strengthens their hearts – and through it their minds are set – and gathers them over the difference of their colours under one banner, one word and one caliph.”

Fighting the enemy

The dossier reveals how experienced jihadi warriors only need to take ‘refresher courses’ of 15 days every year to stay combat-ready.

It states: “The mujahid through that camp comes upon the latest arts of using weapons, military planning and military technologies currently put forth in battles and weapons whose use by the enemy are anticipated, along with detailed commentary on the technologies of enemy use of the weapons, areas of their use, their strength and how the soldiers of the state can take advantage of them.”


“(The military leader) should not be discouraged, having doubts, hesitating or cowardly because he is the example that the mujahid summons whenever the furnace of the battle flares up.”

Gold and oil

ISIS helps fund its campaign of terror with illicit sales of oil from the refineries it controls and the sale of artefacts from important archaeological sites in the region.

The document states: “It is not allowed for a person who has no pledge of allegiance on his neck to the caliph to invest in an oil or gas field or what has arisen from their trajectory, but it is allowed besides that to produce derivatives after buying the crude products from the fields of the Islamic State, just as it is allowed to sell and deal in them inside and outside the state.

“It is not allowed to excavate for gold and antiquities except by expressed agreement from the resources department, and all transferred and stored materials will be confiscated for the interest of the treasury.”


ISIS must “develop Islamic society on the basis of manners and on sharia”.

Another of its aims is “Raising a knowledgeable Islamic generation capable of bearing the ummah (nation) and its future without needing the expertises of the west”.

This last part is one of the scariest parts, as we’re increasingly seeing how skilled ISIS seems at indoctrinating children at an early age. Meanwhile, here in the U.S., we’re indoctrinating our children to roll over.

But, hey, don’t worry about it. President Obama’s got this. Furthermore, he says we don’t need to worry about widows and orphans.

But if this is the JV team, I’d hate to see the varsity team’s plans.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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