The single most important question we HAVE to ask after San Bernardino…

To be or not to be, that is the question

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The foolishness of delusional liberal progressives and Islamo fascists who enable,

The slings and arrows of outrageous Islamic jihadists

Or to take arms against the Sea of Islamic terrorism that laps upon our shores

And by opposing end them: hasten them to die, to sleep

Pretty good, huh, for a Southern fella? Well, consider the parallel, as Prince Hamlet pondered death and suicide yet figured out that life was better. Guess what, this is where we are in America, indeed Western civilization. It’s a question of to be or not to be…Well, based upon the report of FBI Director Comey, it be Islamic terrorism. Let us not hold a debate or ponder this; how inane it was for anyone to consider the San Bernadino massacre as “workplace violence.”

We’re facing that seminal question, to be or not to be. The Islamic jihadists have stated their intent: for us to not be.

So what shall be our response?

I say the words from Henry V, St. Crispin’s Day speech should be our rallying cry. Just take the few minutes to find encouragement in this. Oh, to have such a leader in America at this time.

Instead, we have a charlatan who’s more concerned with the weather or preventing Americans from their God-given right to arm and protect themselves. Where is that leader who would stand and make a Crispin’s Day speech and let these murderous, savage, barbaric bastards know we shall stand, we shall come together — not in a spirit of acquiescence or surrender, but one of triumph and victory.

We are that Band of Brothers, and Sisters, who will not go quietly into the night and allow a new dark age to arise. We will meet them in any clime, at any place, to defend the honor of liberty and freedom and never kneel to their terror and tyranny. We shall cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war upon them, not in some bloodthirsty lust. But we realize this is the only response they will come to understand, respect and fear. There are those who would castigate these words as warmongering, but the war is upon us and this week 14 Americans at a Christmas party fell victim in this war that has no boundaries.

Where is our Henry the V, America? Instead, we have a court jester who has entertained us and made us feel good and happy. And all the while we’re facing the prospect of more death to our fellow citizens and the suicide of our way of life. No, we shall not ponder and deliberate as Hamlet; we shall rise as Henry V inspired.

And when we rise and make that stand, there will be those Muslims who want their religion purged of the cancer and pestilence that has defined it since 622 AD. Recently some met in Washington DC:

The “Summit for Western Muslim Voices for Reform against the Islamic State and Islamism,” conference is the first of its kind and will include over 20 Western Muslim reformers. 

This meeting follows a deadly terror attack in Paris and comes just days after a mass shooting in California. 

“The time for condemnations, and just simply press releases, against acts of terror is over,” Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser told FOX 5’s Bob Barnard at the National Press Club Friday. 

“There’s a root cause. We’re going to put out a declaration today, hand it to everybody, and say this is the litmus test. If Muslims can say they’re against all violent Jihads, against the Islamic State concept, against the caliphate, for equality in men and women, for peace for secular governance — these are things that either can modernize or moderate Muslims,” he continued. “If they don’t agree with them, they become radicalized and are part of the problem.” 

“I think it’s time for Muslims and Americans to see that we’re part of the solution – and that will do just unbelievable benefit to melt away some of the bigotry that exists towards Muslims to realize we’re part of the solution,” Jasser said.”

Yes, Shakespeare does have relevance in this case and we have a choice America…to be or not to be.

What shall you choose — to stand and live with honor or cower in a slow death spiral? Molon Labe!

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