Whoa: Latest poll shows impact of media attack on Trump and Cruz

As the blatant media bias continues to be laid bare in unprecedently stark ways this week, the latest poll of GOP primary voters offers some positive news. Could it be that the media may be losing its influence in a big way? Despite coordinated attacks against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, the candidate not only retains his hold on first place — but has surged 9 points to take a YUGE 20 point lead.

Meanwhile, as both the media and President Obama himself have ramped up attacks on Ted Cruz, he’s risen a solid 12 points to hold 16% support in the poll.

Via Breitbart:

After a coordinated DC Media attack that would have ground any other candidate into ash and dust, Donald Trump has not only held on to first place in the latest CNN national poll of GOP primary voters, he has surged +9 points to a massive +20 point lead. As of now, in a 12 person race, Trump sits at an astonishing 36%; his closest rival, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) jumped +12 points to 16% support.

Despite spending tens of millions of dollars on ads, Jeb Bush sunk -5 points to just 3% support. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) gained +4 points to earn 12%. Ben Carson lost -8 points and now sits at 14%.

Chris Christie, the man the DC Media has been hyping for two weeks, sits at just 4%. Last month he sat at just 4%. All that DC Media love didn’t bump the New Jersey governor up even 1 point.

The poll is bad news not only for the DC media, but the GOP “establishment” as well.

On every crucial issue, Trump is surging and obliterates second place:

He holds massive margins over other Republicans as the candidate most trusted to handle the economy (at 55%, Trump stands 46 percentage points over his nearest competitor), the federal budget (51%, up 41 points), illegal immigration (48%, up 34 points), ISIS (46%, up 31 points) and foreign policy (30%, up 13 points). …

Among those Republican voters who call the economy extremely important, for example, 60% say they trust Trump to handle that issue. Among immigration voters, 55% trust Trump on the issue. On foreign policy, Trump inches up to 32%, and among those who call terrorism an extremely important issue, 49% say they trust Trump most on ISIS. …

More generally, about 4 in 10 Republicans say Trump is the candidate who would be most effective at solving the country’s problems (42% name Trump, 14% Carson, 12% Cruz, 10% Rubio) and could best handle the responsibilities of being commander-in-chief (37% Trump, 16% Cruz, 11% Carson and 10% Rubio).

On what might be the most important question in a presidential primary poll, a whopping 52%  of primary voters believe Trump has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton. Rubio comes in second with just 15%.

This last note is interesting, given that Trump hasn’t typically fared as well in general election matchups against Hillary Clinton — perhaps due to his polarizing nature, often topping the list of “no way” among voters, despite his now-perennial popularity overall.

Important note: This poll was taken before the San Bernardino Islamic terror attack. When you look at how the news of the attack is unfolding and compare it to Trump’s tough stance on domestic security, you have to conclude his numbers will only improve.

Most of all, though, this poll reflects a massive failure in the DC Media’s waning ability to shape the national debate and define candidates.

Yep, and whether you love Trump or wish he would disappear, the DC media’s waning influence is good news!



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