First picture of FEMALE San Bernardino shooter finally emerges, but…

As we learn more about the Tashfeen Malik, the female who with her husband killed 14 people Wednesday in the San Bernardino terror attack, many have wondered why no picture of her has been forthcoming. Certainly, many argued, authorities have a photo of her from documents, such as her passport, that allowed her to enter our country.

Now, more than two full days after the attack — and after the photo of Malik’s shooter husband has been plastered all over the news media — we finally have a photo of Tashfeen Malik.

Via ABC News:


But the question remains, why did it take so long for this photo to be released?

Glenn Beck pondered this question earlier:

Glenn Beck theorized Friday morning about why the media have yet to obtain any images of San Bernardino, California, killer Tashfeen Malik, Syed Farook’s wife and co-conspirator, claiming, “for the first time ever, there’s not a single picture of somebody.”

Between the news breaking Wednesday of the shooting that left at least 14 dead and 21 injured and Friday’s report that Malik pledged allegiance to the Islamic State during the horrific attack, the media has shared a couple images of Farook, but none of Malik.

“Why don’t they have a picture of her?” Beck asked on The Glenn Beck Radio Program. “Is it possible that we don’t have a picture of her because she was always in a head scarf? Is it possible that she was always in a head scarf and that political correctness is playing a role that they do not want her looking like that on television?”

Though Beck said it is possible there are no images of Malik, he suggested the media and government might be withholding a photo of the killer “out of respect” for the Muslim community, or if she was wearing a burqa, the media aren’t releasing photos because they don’t want to lead viewers to believe it is a “Muslim thing.”

“They’re not releasing it out of respect for Muslims because they don’t want her exposed like that,” Beck opined. “And if they have pictures of her in the burqa, it leads me to believe that they don’t want to release it because they don’t want to make people think, ‘Oh, well, it’s a Muslim thing.’”

Beck co-host Pat Gray suggested that Muslims who wear head coverings would be required to remove them for a passport photo, but that is not the case, according to the Department of State. Head coverings are allowed if they are worn “daily for religious purposes.”

Indeed, both the media’s and the Obama administration’s behavior since the shooting suggests they will go to extreme lengths to deny the fact that this was an attack perpetrated by Muslims. Islamic extremists. Islamic jihadists. Islamic terrorists.

So, what do y’all think? Does Glenn Beck’s theory seem plausible to you? What do you make of the delay in obtaining a photo of the female terrorist involved in Wednesday’s massacre?


Al Jazeera America producer Hashem Said provides additional perspective:

Said later clarified his intention in his original posts:


[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]



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