Here’s what Obama and Clinton will NEVER say about last night’s mass shooting in California

I know the Huffington Post doesn’t seem to believe prayers are important, but they are, so I offer my prayers and condolences for the 14 killed and 17 wounded and their families in San Bernardino, California.

Now, I must express my utter disdain for the twitter posts of Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley, who immediately decided to politicize this shooting. Also, I do hope President Obama will not come out and refer to this shooting as a “setback” as he did regarding the Paris Islamic terror attack of November 13th.

Recently President Obama decided to restrict “militarized” type vehicles for our local law enforcement — perhaps he should revisit that decision. And I’d be incredulous if anyone tries to link this shooting to the recent California droughts and attribute the shooting to climate change.

Here is my assessment as of my last night.

I found it rather interesting that there was more care about sensitivity rather than sharing the truth and the known facts on this case. Namely I refer to the slowness in publicizing Syed Farook’s name. It was rather interesting that the name was stated in the clear by some sources, yet others continued to be cautious. It came across as a reticence in creating an atmosphere that wasn’t part of a welcomed narrative. We must be concerned about protecting the American people and not about offending sensibilities. Somewhat interesting that the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) found a relative and held a press conference. Talk about proactive messaging. Sure, they condemn it, well, that’s just an aspect of their stealth jihad as a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood.

And there is a narrative circulating that this could potentially just be another case of “workplace violence” — such as Ft. Hood. I listened as some stated this could have started because of some item of disrespect during an office party gathering. Right. Do any of you buy the prospect that someone could become upset, drive home, find a female accomplice, get all “jocked up” with tac gear — to include body armor, various weapons, ammo, masks – even cameras — then return to the stated party and gun people down? The modus operandi of a disgruntled employee shooting is more like one who goes to his car and retrieve a weapon. Even more so, the disgruntled employee model is to let things simmer and days later conduct an act of violence.

The Moore, Oklahoma incident where the Islamic jihadist went to his vehicle and retrieved a weapon and reentered the job location beheading one woman and attempting to do the same to another — before being gunned down — resembles a disgruntled employee model. Except that fella was disgruntled about the rejection of his jihadist proselytization. Funny, did Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley tweet out something praising the use of a gun to prevent a second beheading, oops, sorry “act of workplace violence?”

The San Bernardino shooting was a planned event. No one just has guns, ammo, military gear, and the like sitting around unless it was at the ready for an attack.

We do have a domestic Islamic terror issue and it cannot be dismissed or excused away. I couldn’t care less about press conferences from CAIR. The San Bernardino attack seems very similar to what happened in Chattanooga at the Marine recruiting station and the Naval Reserve Support Facility…and the powers to be still searched for a “motive” there.

We can debate this all the day and night long but here is what needs to happen — and certainly will. The associates of these two killed assailants need be traced. We must not stop at folks who tell the “I would have never believed they would do something like this, they were such nice people” testimony. I’ve been rather astonished that at this point we haven’t heard much on ISIS social media platforms — it is still early. This sure looks to me like an Islamic terror attack, unless more due diligence uncovers something about Syed Farook and his female accomplice, Tashfeen Malik – which I highly doubt.

Meanwhile, beware of the spin. There’s a funny thing I did notice. The liberal progressive media wasn’t giddily rushing to condemn and attribute this to radical right wing Christian extremists. I guess in a way this is a “setback” for the left.

But there are two things to remember about this. California has very tough gun ownership laws — which law-abiding citizens follow, not bad guys…or in this case, bad girls too.

And finally, there are no doubt many more of these terrorists out there.

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