Whoa: Just one tweet DESTROYS progressive black activist whiners

One thing I truly do love about social media is how it can so succinctly sum up issues we’re dealing with . I used to hate the word “meme” in the same way I hated “synergy” in the 90’s and “net net” in the 80’s. But memes rock.

Check out this tweet including a meme by the estimable Louder with Crowder which absolutely DESTROYS the whiny liberal progressive race-baiters looking to balkanize our society.

This whole narrative about racism and “otherness” is being completely perpetrated by the very folks who claim they are fighting against racism and “otherness.” If you would for just a minute stop screaming about how DIFFERENT you are, maybe everyone would else would just treat you like everyone else.

Shoving your agenda in my face simply reminds me how different you are, which then turns into how obnoxious you are about the whole thing, which then makes me actually dislike you – when I never had those feelings in the first place.

I have friends of all sorts of persuasions – gender, race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation – and we get along so well because we celebrate all the things we share! We don’t browbeat each other about the things we don’t agree on. Frankly, we just get on with being friends.

Why is this so damn difficult?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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